10 Best Workouts for a Fit body without going to a Gym

It’s always good to workout and burn those calories, what if you don’t have the extra time to spend in going to a gym? Do you not do anything at all? The answer is no. Just because you don’t have time to go to the gym doesn’t mean you cannot get your recommended dosage of workout. This is exactly what I am going to talk to you about today. How to incorporate workouts into your daily routine. 10 best workouts without going to the GYM doesn’t require a lot of time, just some determination and also for some things you may require a sneaker. What I will guarantee, of course is fun, you will burn calories and not have to spend extra time from your day.


best workouts for body without gym

Before we start, let’s get some basics down, this list is just for people who are already fit. If you are overweight or bordering obese, it would be best if you can consult a doctor and proceed with advice from them. However, what I can say is something is better than nothing, so no matter what it’s better that you follow these exercises rather than not doing anything at all. So without further delay, let me give you a list 10 best workouts.

10 best workouts without going to the GYM

  1. Take the stairsdon’t take the lift, always take the stairs. You don’t have to do a lot just take the stairs. The more stairs you take, the better for your overall body workout. It gives you an exercise like no other. Works your legs and other muscles as well.
  2. Cleaning around the housethis is like an exercise like no other. All you need to do is your daily chores but just with a little variation that you need to breathe deep and hard. So when you are cooking and cleaning ensure that you breathe like you would during a workout or like in yoga.
  3. Join a sportDon’t have to do a lot, join an adult sports group. This will help make friends and also get into a lot of workout. You don’t need to do this a lot, even once a week is enough to help get into the regime without paying a lot for a gym.
  4. Dance out the calories we don’t dance most us from the fear that we will be judged for our dancing skills. You know what, don’t worry about what people will think. You should be more concerned about your health than what others think. Make merry, play some music and work those calories away. Don’t know what steps to do, pick up from the various dance training videos on YouTube and then just imitate them. You will have fun, maybe you can ask your kids to join.
  5. Be a tourist so you are all tired with trying everything and don’t want to spend time doing anything else, be a tourist in your own city. Walk around the city like how you would in a new town and then explore places you haven’t visited before, maybe you will find some things which you have never seen before.
  6. Walk around and twitch every 30 mins so on a typical working day we are glued to our desks and we sit around for hours on end, what happens at the end of the day you will be tired. Back pain, neck pain and every other part seems sore. Here is what you can do get out of your chair, walk around, twitch your body parts just move. Here is another way that I really found effective, carry at your desk a bottle of water no more than 200 ML, set a reminder on your phone to help drink water, if you are a forgetful person like me,when the water is finished the walk to the break room and get some more water. This will also make sure that you need to visit the loo often. So you walk to get water and you walk to the loo. Feels a little inconvenient at first, but as you continue on this path you will see the wonderful effects of this simple method.
  7. Set up a boot campboot camps are a combination of various work outs done at a stretch after which you can relax for like a minute and then repeat the workouts again. You don’t have to do much, take a friend or your partner along and then figure out the exercises that you want to do and work those in your routine. Example – you can do squats, lunges, pushup’s, leg raises and then to repeat it all over again.
  8. Skipping This is something that we all did as kids, but forgot as adults. Well, skipping is one of the best exercises that you can do without investing too much of anything.
  9. Jogging Most people run on a treadmill, what happens is if this equipment is not maintained well can lead to pain in your knee and hip joints and that is why I would prefer jogging in a park or  near your house at a timing of your choice. Best time of course is early in the morning as you will probably breathe in the least polluted air. You can of course add in a little variation and then get a dog along.
  10. X-box or PS3 – Okay, so this is not a conventional form of exercise but fun none the less. Here is what you require, an Xbox or a PS3 and get the Kinect enabled games like boxing, and skiing etc and many more. You can have a friend join you or you can do this alone. You will burn the calories and also not feel the burden of working out as well. This is unconventional I know, but the truth is it working wonders.

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Now that we have looked at 10 best workouts without going to the GYM here is a secret that I would like to share, while all of the above is fun the best that I find is the one I am listing below.

Workout with kids The best workout would be to play with kids. The amount of energy that they have, you can do wonders without actually hitting the gym. So maybe volunteer at a play school or babysit for a friend, the choice is at the end yours.

Now that I have given you 10 best workouts without going to the GYM, the choice is yours on what you need to do. You can choose a variety of different things on the list and chose what suits you the most.

Happy working out!!!

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