10 Delicious Healthy Breakfast Foods you can cook

The passion of cooking has taken the face of the professional world and today, youth has adopted this as a full time occupation. With a rise in the number of diet conscious population, the need for the cooks who can make healthy breakfast food has evolved that not only serve the food that activate the taste buds and manage the calorie level in the right amount. With the development of understanding of the importance of the breakfast, people are looking into the methods to maintain the body and give pleasure to the taste buds and simultaneously, the tongue. In this search of finding different delicious, healthy breakfast food. Here are the 10 delicious diets you can cook at home, at night before or store them for the week.

Scrambled eggs

scrambled eggs tasty breakfast

The potential high protein content makes the eggs an all time favorite breakfast ingredients. The scrambled eggs are one such easy, healthy yet delicious breakfast that you can cook at one go. Simply take 2-3 eggs and break them in a container. With the help of a scrambler or the fork, scramble them till the time it attains a thin state. Now put it in the microwave oven setting timer enough to bake your breakfast meal and wait for a while. Now add raw veggies such as carrot, capsicum etc. And leaves of coriander or spinach as a part of the decoration. Here is your food ready!

Garlic Risotto

risotto delicious breakfast

Garlic curbs the pains and even reduce the cholesterol content and thus makes an amazing healthy breakfast food, using it along with butter, broth, cheese and wine, optionally, to make French inspired risotto, an exceptional morning breakfast. Another thing that makes the garlic risotto exceptional is its versatility. It has endless possibilities to accommodate any veggies and spices. One can simply add up the raw veggies like broccoli, radish, etc. in it before baking the same. The addition of the spices as per the taste can add to the delicacy.

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Mocha Donuts

donuts breakfast

The dominance of the Japanese food and its magic over the inhabitants of the world is reckoned across the globe. The Japanese delicacies use the simplest ingredients and prepare the low calorie food. It is just the magic of baking technique that helped it attain the world stature.  Microwave baked dish is shaped like the donuts and offers you a choice to flavor it as per your favorite. Baked in microwave oven, it can be flavored either with the chocolate, butterscotch and vanilla or even strawberry. To add to the taste, the choc chips, sweetening compounds can be layered over the flavored layer.


delicious brownie breakfast

Just the name of the brownies leaves the taste buds activated and if one can manage the calorie content, it can be one of the finest healthy breakfast food dishes. The gluten free brownie can be accomplished with butter and sugar free sweetening agents put together and shall envelope the brownie. This can be again flavored as per the taste that suits your buds and for all the dark chocolate lovers out there, it is a must thing. At least give a shot with it!

Sweet Potato Muffins

Muffins delicious breakfast

The muffins are not only delicious to taste, but healthy enough to be consumed and if worked a bit upon the presentation and the way they are served, you can attain the title of the master chef. They are not the only source of the protein but also serve the carbohydrates in required amounts. Boil the sweet potato and then bake them same as the muffins and few vegetables to the same. You can add the veggies raw or boil them with the sweet potato.


Breakfast Burritos

A burrito is a Mexican food content that consists of a flour tortilla and is rolled or wraps the filling inside it. It can be made at night before and ingredients for the filling can be of your choice. Add the paste of the potato mashed, cheese, cooked vegetables and with the pinch of spices along with cinnamon, one can do wonders in the kitchen. Prepare the burrito a night before and put it in the refrigerator. Next morning, serve the same, cold and you can add some beverage complementary to it.

Berry Oats

oats tasty breakfast

Oats are one of the healthiest available breakfast alternates. Serve them in collaboration with the berries and set yourselves to roll with the new experience of the taste. For a piece of advice, take any of the berries unilaterally to enjoy more of the taste. Take the berries and the oat meals and add them to bowl. Now add agave, glycerine nectar just to apply over the contents along with the mild neutral sunflower oil.

Spinach Pancakes

spinach breakfast

Pancakes are not only valid on the front of taste, but also maintain fair position on healthy breakfast food list. The best thing is you can utilize even the last night spinach veggie you cooked, to enrich the experience this morning. Using besan dough, prepare the pancakes with spinach content in it with fresh spinach leaves. Add a cup of the milk and the yoghurt to add to the taste. You can also add the mushroom and the cheese filling in the paste and with this, you have your delicious morning meal ready!


poha appetizing food
source: wikipedia.org


The Indian recipes are remarkably exceptional and present an amazing combo to healthy breakfast food. Prepared from the flattened flakes of the rice, poha can also be prepared using brown or grain rice as per the convenience. Quick to make and easy to digest, you can add the desired veggies to same anytime raw or cooked as per the taste and enjoy the health benefits. Other benefits of poha are that it is fat free and heart friendly.

Oat meals with Mango and coconut

Toasted coconut and diced fresh mango gives a wonderful taste with oatmeals and certainly counted to be one of the healthy breakfast foods, you can simply blend them anytime and add oats later to enjoy a light breakfast.

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