10 Healthy Egg Breakfast Recipes for an awesome morning

The eggs have been an important component of the human breakfast since ages. The protein rich component received from animals or even called the animal product has served the stomach of a large number of people for a long time now and the components of egg make it more a tempting food intake ever since the health revolution saw its expansion over the world screen in recent times! The trending gym freaks or the health conscious, sensible, Catering to the food joint or mommies looking into the food intake of the entire family, the eggs either serve as the main food or even the complementary substance. A little bit of the addition or modification done and the white edible component can form a great breakfast. Here are 10 Healthy Egg Breakfast Recipes for an awesome morning.


One of the most common existing egg breakfast recipes is that of the omelette. The utilization of this as a breakfast has been this old that it is even known as the local food. The recipe is simple and easy to learn. Simply take two 2 or 3 eggs and break them in a container. Add the desired amount of the water and mash the mixture for a while. Add butter to the mixture and fry the same on the fry pan at high flame using any oil as per your choice and add up with spices as per your choice. The morning mania is up!

healthy egg breakfast

Non vegetarian Bacon devilled eggs

The food lovers have a no limit to be defined to eat the existing available sources. The non veggies got another reason to cheer up with the upcoming of this innovative idea to serve the pig meat and egg together, devilled. The major perk of this dish is that it can be prepared a day before eating it and surely, make the breakfast healthy to eat. It can be called up the potato magic and take up the ingredients, spin them properly and work on the presentation. Before serving the same, add sprinkles of the bacon.

Mushroom-Pepper Omelette

Another reason to celebrate the existence of an egg is surely the mushroom pepper omelette. One of the spicy existing elements that can make your complete day, it follows a special procedure to be prepared. The toppings or the spices in a simple omelette shall be changed with pepper, mushroom and color and taste adders. Frying it with the desired oil, the delicious morning breakfast is ready to let the sizzle prevail in the entire house and envious even the neighbors.

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Green Eggs

The concept of green eggs might sound weird questioning the orientation of the complete egg and its structure, green egg is a combination of egg with spinach served with broccoli. And trust me, the taste is amazing and you shall try it once atleast. The egg breakfast recipe is easy to follow. Take the butter in the pan and add onion to it. Add up the beaten eggs and even spinach and put flame to low for a while.

egg pancakesEgg Pancake

The chauvinism for the pancake is reckoned worldwide. If this chauvinism gives a platform of egg than baked cake, the salivary glands are sure to see a transition in cavities of every foodie. The recipe is simple, heat up the pan and adds coconut oil to it. Once the oil is heated up, combine the pancake and the egg and bake them. It is ready to be served with the maple syrup or available syrups.

Egg and Rice

The homogeneity of an egg is to an extent that it can be paired up with any dish and rice is the next on the list. A thick flavored paste enriched with spices is taken and a boiled egg is cooked in it. Now, a banana leaf is taken and the egg is tied in it and steamed. The egg is ready to be served along with chapatti, rice, spices etc.

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Egg Soup

Soups have always been seen as a healthy breakfast and the protein content in the soup can be raised by mixing the egg with the soup. The cornstarch and the eggs are added to the soup to raise the desired taste. The spices, heat up when the egg is first layered with cornstarch before adding it to the soup. Once you are ready with the kitchen work, serve the soup with the appetizer.

Egg Muffins

Just talk of the muffins and half of the children are ready to go to any extent to seal the deal with anyone to have them. Such is the craze of the same that few food chains are functionally sheer because of the muffins. Out of the wide range of the muffins, egg muffins can form a suitable breakfast and can be made up easily at home. The bread shall be taken up, collaborated with the egg including all types of the toppings and baked. The muffin is ready and gear up for a whole new range of your favorite dish!

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Chicken Nuggets

Nuggets are widely accepted food commodity and their collaboration with nuggets can be magical. The eggs can be glued up with the already delicious nuggets as an outer covering and can be taken up for the breakfast. All you got to do is, take the chicken nuggets and let them sustain the egg coverings. The protein share of the dish was increased along with the already existing nutrition value of the nuggets.

Pizza Devilled Eggs

Pizza is second name of happiness and sources of energy, at least enthusiasts say that. Pizza topping can be carefully mashed up with the egg to serve you a delicious yet healthy breakfast. The Italian cheese blend, macaroni or even the mini pepperonis can be used to make the devilled eggs. First of all, take up the egg and cut it. Put it in a container, mash it and stir it up. After this, garnish this with the green onions and other veggies as per taste and fill the toppings. Serve it with various sauces.

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