5 low Carb Breakfast recipes to look for

Why breakfast? Well, it is the most important meal of the day! Next time you lean toward the strong coffee, remember you have a lot healthier and healthier options waiting to be discovered and the Carbs or carbohydrates are the same healthier breakfast option that is an essential part of the general food web which can ubiquitously be seen around us. They work as the basic source of energy which helps us get pass our daily activities.

Improper or deficient intake of these can lead to distorted body functions and future health risks. They serve as a major energy providers and are the sticky food items in your plates. They have their varying importance and a simple fact that we all need to understand is that for a healthy diet, all we need to know is that not all carbs are bad. There are different types of carbs which we need to add or avoid in our diets.

low carb breakfast food

Carbs have been an extreme fundamental part of any human dietary needs and the scenario will remain similar until we come across some major mutation symbolic enough to mark the revolutionary change. Several people claim that the sole reason for obesity is carbohydrate intake in a person’s diet. This makes a no sense as there are several other more serious reasons responsible for the obesity epidemic like lack of physical activities, sleep, stress etc.

So here we are providing you a permanent remedy for everlasting sleek figure and polished curves. We give you five low carb breakfast recipes which you can imply daily in your food regime.

Egg white frittata

healthy egg breakfastThe egg frittata is one of the best of the answers to your demands of carbs in a day. This easy to prepare dish, maintains a perfect balance between the spice and the nutrition. To prepare out the egg white frittata, take olive oil, green pepper, red pepper, black pepper, onion, salt, cheese, eggs and the feta cheese with spinach. To proceed to one of the low carb breakfast recipes, heat up the oven to temperature as high as 375 degrees on the Fahrenheit, and on the lowest heat, keep the olive oil in a heavy skillet. After sautéing onion and pepper till the vegetables are cooked, sprinkle the mixture with the salt and pepper. Meanwhile, cook the eggs and add the feta cheese to the top. Oven them and sprinkle the spinach leaves for the sake of the decoration.

Cottage cheese and fruits

This yummy dish is for the days where you are about to miss the last train to work! Easy to prepare of the low carb breakfast recipes, it is heaven for the people who are looking for a perfect balance between the carbohydrates and the fitness. All you are required to do is to collect all the favorite foods of yours in a basket and at the same time take out the preferable cheese. It can be mayonnaise, peanut butter or any of the choices you as the preferences. Put the cheese in a bowl and spread it uniformly, now chop down the list of the fruits you have put up in the basket earlier and add them to the bowl. Using a big spoon, mix the fruits and the cheese. For the sake of the decoration, the foliage or even the spinach and coriander leaves can be sprinkled on the top. Serve with some smoothie and best tasted when freshly prepared, this luscious dish delicious a perfect one to help you start the day!

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Egg and vegetables

Egg is seen as a high potential source of the morning breakfast and has a great extent of the nutrients required by the human body. The fine combination of the vegetables and the eggs together in proportionate amount is going to add to the delicacy and the nutrition serving both, your tongue and the body. All what you require are the eggs, your favorite vegetables, salt, pepper, chillies, cheese and the olive oil. Now, chop all the desired vegetables of your preference as per your taste and chop them finely. Add olive oil in a cooking pan and put the flame at low, heating it for a while. Cook the vegetables in the same. Meanwhile, the eggs are beaten up in a separate bowl and cheese is added to the same in controlled amount. Fuse the separate containers by putting them together and here you are ready with one of the low carb breakfast recipes to leave you with a filled belly for a long time!

Breakfast cereal

The name of the dish sounds boring, but no, do not judge it as yet. It can form one of the finest low carb breakfast recipes if you manage to cook it in this manner. A good all whole wheat/bran cereal can be boring, but we tell you ways to quirk it up. Initially, take the Greek yoghurt, fruits such as the strawberries, blueberries, grapes, pomegranate and the nuts. Now, adding yoghurt or the whipped cream along with the berries and other fruits you took up in the starting in a bowl, add the cereals you took. The selection of the cereals is one of the crucial things in the making of this as varying demands can be fulfilled by varying cereals.  Just check the label- Look for a cereal with the shortest ingredients list with whole grains at the top and at least 3 grams of fibre and no more than 10 grams of sugar per serving and with this, you are having a fine breakfast recipe for you to take on the work ahead of the specific hectic day.

low carbohydrate foodCrepes

Type of the pancakes, crepes is serving a reason for the gym freaks to consume the carbs. All you are required to do is batter up some refined flour with milk or curd till you reach a soft and smooth consistency. Add slimmer such as honey and drop a dolloup on a hot pan, cook till it turns golden brown and add your low carb breakfast recipe!

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