9 Healthy Breakfast you can eat on the go

To break the fast after the complete night, the breakfast is one of the most desired to-be meal times for any individual to carry on with the basic start-up and carry ahead with the daily life activities. With the transition at the time taking the leap due to several factors, the time has decreased and people seek results faster. In this vow, the breakfast plays an important role in the same pattern. Following this description, to maintain the balance between the healthy, balanced diet and food to live, the healthy breakfast options are searched and adopted widely. A healthy meal to start the day provokes the entire body’s catabolism to promote the working organ systems, a major working force behind the human existence. It not only promotes the mental well being bit is also a reason for exceptional physical strength. You can Learn more about the Exact importance of Healthy Breakfast here. Emphasizing the balance between nutrition and delicacy, discussed below are a few healthy breakfast one can eat on the go.


healthy breakfast on the go

Bread is one of the most favored yeast products for the breakfast since a long time and if one sought to certain modifications, it can add to a great extent of nutrition. Take a slice of whole grain bread and toast it in the toaster. Apply butter softly and if required, add salt and pepper as per taste. 2-4 slices of toast in the morning breakfast are easy go breakfast and can provide you a fine round of breakfast to help you cope up with your tough schedule and unorganized food schedule.

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Fruit Yogurt



The Fruits require no certification on their credibility to the healthy breakfast options. A fruit, yogurt can prove to be one of the easiest, healthiest and tastiest morning breakfasts serving accurate nutrition and maintain the delicacy. First prepare the yogurt by adding bacteria to the milk and chilling it till the preparation. Now add the favorite fruit after chopping it up nicely. Put container in refrigerator and let it cool down before serving. Preferably, take the seasonal fruits to multiply the delicacy.

Fruit Salad

Friut salad quick healthy breakfast

Easy to prepare, easier to consume and easiest to digest, such is the perk of having the fruit salad for your breakfast. Simply, take all the fruits in the basket which you want to see on the plate. Now a plain old fruit cup shall be spiced up and all the fruits to be added to the same. To add to the taste, salt and pepper can be added as per taste and a drizzle of honey is given just to add up to the taste. To multiply the nutrient content, use seasonal fruits for the purpose.


sprouts healthy morning breakfast

Serving mommies’ healthy breakfast options ideas for ages passed and for the ages to come, sprouts serve an exceptional breakfast of high protein content. The seeds of lentils, peanut, apricot etc. can be put in a container with water to be hydrated and next morning, the same shall be consumed with milk or otherwise either. Highly nutritive food component, sprouts, serves best when eaten raw. However, they can be fried with a bit little butter to make it delicious. Older the sprout, sweet is the taste and healthier is the product.

Oat meals

oatmeal breakfast

If you start numbering the list of healthy breakfast options, the oats will surely find a place in any of the top positions. A healthy breakfast, oats has a wide range of the meal alternates to be offered. Eat them either with the milk as a complementary component, or make a pumpkin oat bowl. The taste and the balanced diet are promised. They can be even used as a cookie of oatmeal served with the peanut butter. To enjoy the easy go meal, make the squares out of oatmeal that make it portable meal.

Hard-boiled Eggs

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egg healthy morning breakfast

If you count the protein containing food components, nothing is as enriched as eggs are. Having a high content of protein, the hard boiled eggs are inexpensive and easy to make. To enjoy the hard boiled eggs, store the eggs by pre-peeling them in the refrigerator and this can serve as the quota for the entire week. Boil them hard and peel them before showing them the way of the refrigerator. Slice the egg whenever required and serve with whole wheat base to multiply the nutritive value and the delicacy.


roll breakfast

The rolls can be viewed as the highly complimenting edible component in the morning as a healthy breakfast option. Prepare the outer covering with whatever grain you feel like and bake it properly with or without oil as per the choice and taste. The filling is one of the concentrations demanding part. Use the vegetables or the cheese as the filling. The mayonnaise and even the peanut butter can serve the purpose along with the pinch of the salt and the pepper. The foliage, roughage components can also be added.

Banana Nutter

banana pudding breakfast

Bananas are the high nutritive yielding food materials that serve the purpose with a holistic approach and cater to several needs of the human body. The banana nutter can be seen as the pairing wonder of banana and nutter. The little of the nutter can either be coated with the mashed banana or the banana slices can be added as the topping to the nutter. Slight taste of cinnamon shall be added by sprinkling the same over the plate and enjoy the extra health benefits.

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sandwich quick breakfast

Sandwiches are evergreen food materials that fulfil all criteria to be one of the healthy breakfast options. The easy to make, portable bread delicacy and the list is endless without the sandwiches. Take two bread slices and apply butter, mayonnaise, peanut butter or any suiting available butter or the cheese. Add cheese slices and sauces along with the veggies and the pinches of salt and pepper can do the wonders. The sandwiches can be preserved for a day or two and this makes them even compatible addition to the breakfast meal.

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