9 Major Health issues during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a cherished delight for every lady but is also viewed as a delicate time of her life! Every pregnant lady wants to enjoy this time while remaining healthy and glowing. However, many a times aberrations occur in the form of heath issues that concern the pregnant lady to varying extents.

The med fraternity while establishing knowledge all about pregnancy has tried to fix such issues through therapeutic and allied medical interventions. Most of these health issues subside with the completion of pregnancy, if tackled properly by the attending medical practitioner.

9 Major Health issues during Pregnancy

Here is the list of 9 health issues that are common to occur during the pregnancy months –

9 Major Health issues during Pregnancy

1. Backache

It is one of the most common symptoms in the pregnant ladies and the reasons are truly biological, driven by natural reflexes. As pregnancy advances, the female body begins to adapt physically to support the birth in prospects. This entails softening and stretching out of the ligaments, putting additional strain and pressure on the pelvis region and on the joints. This causes backache as the very first manifestation. Since this symptom is governed by natural reflexes, the cures are generally moderately effective. Some personal living responses are rather good to assume. These are –

  • Don’t try lifting heavy objects.
  • Wear flat soled shoes and no heels so that your weight is distributed evenly.
  • Take frequent rest while lying on your back.


2. Constipation

Constipation is a commonly reported problem by the pregnant ladies. In most of the cases this may be manifested in the earlier months itself. The causes here too are natural and driven by the hormones that are on a ride during the pregnancy period. Again this is tried to be treated through personal food patterns during pregnancy which include pregnancy tips like –

Eat food rich in fiber and the one easily digested

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Have some leisure walk to help you digest your food.
  • The attending medical practitioners also rely on mild laxatives that can act safely!


3. Cramps

Cramps are seen in many pregnant ladies and the real causes are not very clearly traced out. Some theories put it to the constrained blood circulations. The symptoms are sudden pain which is generally experienced in the calf muscles and the feet. Such pain in most of the cases occurs at night! Cramps can be avoided and reduced through physical responses rather than medical. Some pregnancy tips that are advocated are –

  • Exercising gently along with bending/stretching of the foot
  • Pulling up your toe hard upwards towards the ankle
  • Frequent use of painkillers is not of course considered a good step and medical advice should be sought if the problem aggravates!


4. Frequent fainting during pregnancy

Getting faint is one of the common pregnancy symptoms and has been linked to the changes in the blood circulation patterns that occur over the time in the female body. The growing fetus requires extra blood and hence nutrients/oxygen supplies. This cause a division of the mother’s blood as between self use and fetus use.

Fainting occurs when the brain of the female fails short of its oxygen supplies due to reduced blood flows. This is not as much related to less blood in the body as to certain sudden movements like getting up very quickly! The body fails to deliver the sudden supply and fainting occurs. To avoid this, try to get up slowly!


5. Urinary incontinence in pregnancy

The body prepares itself for the birth of the child and maximum changes are seen in the pelvic region (as far as physiology is concerned). Due to the relaxation of pelvic floor muscles, most pregnant ladies fail to control a leak from their bladder when suddenly getting up or while laughing/coughing.

Many a times a permanent loosening causes incontinence to remain even after pregnancy! Exercises are prescribed to tone the muscles.


6. Having a feeling of hot body in pregnancy

Due to the changed hormonal profiles during pregnancy, the blood flow is enhanced including in the skin. This results in a feeling of hot and warmer body. Try living in a cool environment and wear loose natural fiber clothes so that air can breathe through them!


7. Skin darkening

This is a common manifestation during pregnancy. Due to hormonal changes throughout the pregnancy period, the skin begins to produce more melanin pigment and gets darker.

Such pigmentation is more evident in the birthmarks and moles on the body and a dark line may also appear downwards lower stomach. Such symptoms are mostly till the birth and fade away after!


8. Varicose veins

Varicose veins are the swollen veins that are mostly seen in the legs region and intimate parts like vulva. It is generally advised that the lady should avoid standing for longer duration and keeping the legs loose and not crossing them.


9. Itching

This is common due to increased blood supplies in the skin. Mild itching is common but sever itching may be a symptom of obstetric cholestasis – a serious liver condition that requires medical intervention.


These are 9 health issues that are generally seen associated with the pregnant ladies. Most of them are natural responses of the body towards birth and therefore subside after it!

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