Are You Safeguarding Your Family’s Health With Best Water Purifiers?

Water purification

We are part of a nation where only 1% of the rural population have access to clean drinking water. Choosing the right purifier for the family is of optimum importance to prevent the ill-effects of contaminated water. Nearly 76 million people of the Indian population fail to drink clean and safe water. But the million-dollar question is whether you too are a victim of this enormous problem?

According to Water Aid report of 2016, India is ranked as the worst country where a large number of people cannot afford safe drinking water. It is also estimated that in the upcoming years, India might suffer a water deficit of about 50%. Various awareness programs and campaigns are conducted by the government every now and then to encourage people to install best-quality water purifiers at home.

Factual information regarding RO purifiers and why we need it at our houses

Water is an important natural resource whose chief sources are mostly polluted due to increased industrialisation. With the help of best RO water purifiers for home, contamination of water can be prevented. Reverse osmosis is one of the processes which purify the water in purifiers. Some facts about reverse osmosis are:

  • Reverse osmosis helps in removing the content of lead from the water. Studies by WHO has shown that lead metal proves fatal for the health of the people. Lead can, when present within the body in excess amounts, increase the risk of high blood pressure, increase the likelihood of nerve and muscle damage, cause anaemia and fertility issues. Moreover, it can even pose a threat to the brain.
  • Reverse osmosis also helps in removing sodium content from the water. Removal of sodium from drinking water decreases the risk of heart disease and hypertension.

Another area that deserves our attention is the proper conservation of water. Almost 27% of water is used daily for cleaning and bathing purposes. A daily bath normally consumes up to 37 gallons of water. The RO water that is discharged from the machine and is unsuitable for drinking or bathing, can be used for other purposes instead of throwing it away. Many have suggested that the water laden with TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) can be reused for watering the plants, cleaning the house and car washing etc.

RO purifiers cover a lot of ailments in terms of their prevention. Young children are especially are at a higher risk to develop a lot of water-borne diseases due to low immunity levels. Jaundice, typhoid, diarrhoea, amoebiasis and kidney stones are some of the illnesses caused by contaminated water. It also safeguards against a number of dangerous elements like arsenic, fluoride, calcium and magnesium. Falling sick frequently is one of the symptoms that one might be drinking unhealthy water. Instalment of RO can be very beneficial if you want to ensure the health and happiness of your family.

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