Best Exercises to lose Weight for Women

A wedding coming up and you really need to shed those extra pounds to fit into that perfect dress you’ve just got from the branded store? Or is a high school reunion on its way and you absolutely wanted to maintain that cheerleader appearance of yours in your classmate’s minds? Or simply, you want to look healthy and feel healthy and thus stay super active. All your problems shall be solved if you follow these simple exercises, either through the regular day-to-day activities or through strenuous exercises.

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lose weight for women exercises

The Daily way to lose Weight for Women

1. To Bicycle:

Simple bicycling can help relieve you a lot of calories of about five hundred to a thousand calories per hour. The amount of calories you burn depends on how fast you can paddle. If you find it a bit difficult to go out for the normal way of cycling, you could always stay indoors, watch your favorite TV show and cycle away on your home stationed cycles.

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2. House cleaning:

Kill two with one arrow; that’s how you do it while tidying up your place. It not only cleans the home space up but is also one of the best and most convenient ways to lose weight for women. To broom the floor and follow it with sweeping the same, aids you to lose about two hundred calories every hour.

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3. Landscaping or Gardening:

When it comes down to cleaning the house, gardening or landscaping is a beautiful way to lose weight for women. Starting from leaves raking, sweeping away the extra clippings of grass to plucking the weeds, all these activities add to your exercising routine and help you burn up to 350 cal/hour. But do keep in mind to keep yourself amply hydrated as these activities can really spice up your thirst levels.

4. Go for a swim:

if it’s summer, nothing is more comforting than a swim, which can not only calm that scorching heat but also has the calibre to tone your pretty muscles.. The added bonus of swimming is this that you burn more than eight-hundred calories each hour. Performing a number of laps up and down the pool helps to relax as well as go down on your weight.

5. Going the distance-Walking:

The most effortless form of exercise is walking. Spry walking is a top form of the cardio workout routine that tones up the calf along with thigh muscles, the abdomen and the hip region. A good jog or just trotting up the hill easily helps you to shed a lot of weight about 360 calories in just one hour. This brisk walking does not need an extra scooped out time from your schedule but you could walk while you run your errands nearby or farther away.

6. Dance your heart out:

It does not have to be a strictly professional dance routine. Any dance form shall be good enough to do the trick. Dance routine involves toning up exercises that aims at working out all parts of the body. It only induces to lose weight for women but also is a lot of fun. You can dance in any way you want after putting on a music channel on the TV or may be using Dancing DVDs for the same. The main goal is to remain active for straight one hour and you stand to lose up to 800 calories every hour.

7. Art of Yoga:

Yoga is not just about stretching. It is a spiritual, mental and physical discipline that aims to remove all the toxins from the body and help attain a healthy body and mind. Along with being healthy, this form of practice helps you tone yourself up as well, not to mention to lose weight.

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Dumbbell-Swing-for-losing-weight-womenNow, apart from the exercises mentioned above which can easily slip into your daily routine, amongst your various chores, the following set of exercises are mentioned keeping in mind if you get agile enough to allot an extra time span for mildly strenuous to vigorous exercises in your time table. Further, we have added exercises to tone up your belly region.

  • Dumbbell Swing: Holding a dumbbell using both of your hands at a distance of an arm’s length right in your front and then bend yourself at the hips. Move back a little and swing your dumbbells between your legs with a thrust. Then thrusting your hips in the forward direction use the flow to swing the dumbbell to the height of your shoulders. Repeat the entire process for five sets of ten complete rotations each.squats-for-losing-weight-women
  • Squats: This is a greatly effective way to reduce those flabby thighs and also to tone up the hips. Start off with standing with your legs spread out slightly more than the shoulder length. Bend down at your knees keeping the region between your head and hips perfectly perpendicular to the floor and keep squatting down till you are able to touch the floor with your entire palm of the hands. Then slowly go back to your initial position. Repeat this for twenty-five times for beginners and then increase the number as you progress daily.
  • single-leg-deadlift-for-losing-weight-womenSingle-leg Deadlift: This exercise tones up the core. You could do this using weights or free hand. Stand only on your left foot and lifting the right one behind yourself, bend the knee so as to position your right lower leg parallel to the ground. Bend yourself forward at the hip region and start lowering your body gently to as low as you can reach. Hold that position and then go back to your initial formation and repeat in sets of ten for three five three times.
  • The Dolphin Plank: Lie down on your face with tucked in toes. Place your forehands on the floor and pull in your core tightly and raise yourself to reach the desired position. Now, push your hips farther up and keep inhaling the entire lifting up and reach a position where dolphin-plan-exercise-to-lose-weight-womenyour body forms an inverted V. Hold the position and slowly return to home base. Carry it out in 3 sets of 15 repeats.
  • Side Plank: A combination of the dolphin and the side plank is a must to lose weight for women. Your waistline will shrink and your core muscles will tighten with the help of this routine. Lie down on your right side with your legs stretched out straight. Lift your body in that sideways position on your right elbow to arm. Let the side of the right foot only touch the ground so that your body is shaped into a firm arch. Stretch out your left arm and raise it to the sky and keep inhaling while you do the same. Hold the position for about thirty seconds and then exhale and bring down your left arm with the entire side body. Turn to your left and repeat the same.
  • reverse-crunches-exercise-to-lose-weight-womenReverse crunches: It not only targets the lower abdomen but also the mid ribs and love handles along with the thighs. Lay down flat on your back, preferably on a mat. Placing your hands beneath your head for support, lift your legs slowly and point the toes toward the ceiling. Concentrate on contracting your core muscles and slightly try lifting the lower back off the mat. Hold the position and then return to the initial position and repeat this for two minutes and you are great to go.
  • Break the boredom with some cardio routine: Through cardio routine you not only exercise, but you can also learn some steps that you can take with you to the club. There are ample of cardio work out sessions and routines. Choose the one which you like or even opt for a combination of two or more. Cardio workouts may include the dance forms like Zumba, Samba and the likes that brush you through a really active and strenuous but fun work out session.

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Through these varied exercises one can joyfully shed off those extra pounds and feel light and active and healthy too. Give it a try and we are quite sure you are going to get addicted to these upbeat exercises and get into form in no time at all.

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