Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Maintaining Nutrition and Taste

One of the most critical yet crucial times of one’s life, childhood comes with several ups and downs. Any human being is craving for new things in this span. This is the time when the child has very little knowledge of his health and nutrition and it is the sole responsibility of the elders of the house to take care of their food that is not only carrying high nutritional value, is delicious but also looks pleasing to the eyes.

breakfast ideas for kids

‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ and the habits of childhood have a long lasting impact to be played in the health status of the respective individual. When this was not the enough challenge, the picture saw another scene where balancing the nutrition and the taste that came as another factor to tackle in the same dish and at the same time. Catering to this challenge, discussed below, is certain dishes that answer all your queries to breakfast ideas for kids and very well manage the perfect balance between the fight of balanced diet and delicacy!

Breakfast for Kids: 9 Recipes


The south Indian dish, Dosa has a several implications. It is light in terms of oil usage, nutritive in field of balanced diet and thus is finest of the breakfast ideas for kids. Such qualities make it the best adapted morning meal for children. Made with the rice as the grain covering, it can be served plain with various traditional sauces. To make it interesting, it can be put up in several shapes and flavors such as that of mint, carrot, mix vegetable and many more. You can also serve it in coin shape where the paste is baked in the shapes of the coins.

breakfast for kids

Chapati rolls

Quite a few times it has been found that kids refuse to eat the chapatis with vegetables, but at the same time, one cannot simply ignore the benefits of this meal. It can be presented to the children in a different manner. Shape the chapati like a roll and fill it with the same vegetables. However, various other fillings as that of jam, butter, mayonnaise and veggies, lettuce, etc. can be done as well to counter the children arguments to not to eat the same chapati.

Vegetable salad

To put veggies in the top gear, easy solution of utilizing your kitchen skills shall be put up to manage delicious healthy breakfast ideas for kids. Boil few desired vegetables and then place them on the plate. Fry them very little with oil of your choice and certain spices as per the taste. Leave them a bit raw to add to the protein value of the vegetables. A slight taste of honey can do the wonders. It can also be mixed up in the yogurt to let your children enjoy the delicacy more.

Friut salad quick healthy breakfast

Peanut butter and banana roll

The high nutrition content of the banana makes it one of the best content of morning food and that is why its inclusion is necessary. A peanut butter and banana roll are one of the beloved food items any kid carves for. Take a whole wheat tortilla and spread it. Gently apply the peanut butter over all of it and then place the banana slices over the same base. Few Chocó-chips, if sprinkled over before rolling the same can add to the taste.

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Banana stick

The banana is carrying high nutritive value and is a bit sticky too. This sticky property of this fruit can be exploited to develop a fine breakfast idea for kids that actually put up the gains. To make the meal luring to the eyes, the banana shall be first peeled off and the same shall be installed upon the ice cream stick making it look like an ice cream. Now, it can be enveloped with any of your favorite lubricating material. It can be butter scotch, dry fruits or any existing thing that wants your children would not consume otherwise.


Here too, I am forced to mention the never ending stiffness between the children and the veggies. The entire game is about making the things interesting to look for the kids who want more ‘beautiful’ food supplements. A sandwich is one of those breakfast ideas for kids that seek your art and presentation skills. Simply take two bread slices and turn them in the desired shape. Now, follow the procedure of filling the mayonnaise and butter in them along with the no so friendly veggies of your children.

sandwich quick breakfast

Rice Pancakes

Many household ladies complain of their inmates not consuming the cooked rice, the next day! This can be easily tackled by applying your eminent skills in the kitchen and utilise the not so stale cooked rice to make pancakes. Yes! Mash the rice in a container and form small pancake shapes out of them. Put them in the dough paste of whole grain and finely chopped vegetables. Add the assortment of the spices and bake them by applying a little amount of the oil to them. Serve the delicacy with the sauces and receive praise from your lovely kids.

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One of the most consumed and popular circular paratha can bring the temptation to the consumer and can serve as an excellent breakfast. The orientation of the same varies upon you to manage the shape and the dough type of the same. You can variety of paratha just by changing the type of the dough used to make them. Making a coriander paratha requires besan and plenty of coriander. From potato mash filling to paste of the vegetables, corns to spinach, the dough can be made of any possible thing and shall be served with curd, sauce or even milk.

breakfast ideas for kids

Biscuit Sandwich

Biscuit sandwich is simply the layer of two biscuits having a middle layer of butter or cheese with certain dry fruits as complementary. Pro-children Oreo biscuits can be used to tailor a new of the breakfast ideas for kids.

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