Common Breastfeeding Problems that Woman’s face (Solutions included)

Breastfeeding is a magnificent experience to both mother and the baby who just opens his eyes to see the goddess to caress her. Her luminescent smile and love, attract baby to stretch his soft hands to touch sweet breasts of mothers. Oh my Goodness!  What a fantastic moment! It is inexplicable. A baby who grows under care and supervision of mother has the least hurdle and discomfiture to face the hard reality. The baby gets food from her mother to survive.

Warm milky white liquid oozing from soft nipples soothes life of a newborn baby.  The little sweetheart cheers up with ecstasy and excitement when he or she sucks milk holding mom’s breasts tight.   It is an unforgettable snapshot.  It can defy even Leonardo’s self created portraiture. Therefore, breastfeeding or lactation is very important to mothers and babies. There may be thousand breastfeeding problems. However, still lactation or breastfeeding is a must for a mother to take care of her neonates.

breastfeeding problems and solutions

Find the Solution to Problem of Breastfeeding

When a young mother starts breastfeeding her newborn sweetheart, she can have some minor problems. No-one in the world is experienced beforehand.  He or she must gain experience gradually. On the first day of lactation, a mother can have caustic events to pass through. For instance, her little nipples can be scratched and infected. Sores and blisters on nipples are painful.  However, the mother should be competent to lactate her baby.  This is a common problem for a mother to breastfeed her sweetheart.

The solution is also available. An inexperienced mother should place her index finger into the mouth of the baby carefully. She should position her sweetheart at a comfortable angle while dragging the mouth of the baby close to her breasts for lactation.  It is an easy and natural method of breastfeeding.   If the baby is hyperactive, he will start throwing his hands recklessly when he feels disturbed. Try to find reasons of the discomfiture of the little baby.  The mother must not be rowdy and stubborn.  She must not show anger or vexation while tackling her baby. Frequently change the position of your baby to reduce lethargy and pain.  When you are not able to bear pain at the time of breastfeeding your baby, stop the baby to suck your milk for some time.

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Lack Of Understanding Creates Problems of Breastfeeding

One of breastfeeding problems is lack of understanding and experience.   Well, one can’t be successful over night.  There is a specific plan to breastfeed the baby. A 21` year old mother is not over matured with vast experience in lactating her baby. She needs consultation, feedbacks and regular training. At home, she can share her breastfeeding problems with seniors. Many oldies live in houses. They like to assist junior mothers by offering tips how to breastfeed babies without facing problems. A novice mother who has no experience in breastfeeding should talk to seniors to solve problems properly.

Let Your Baby Be Comfortable While Breast Sucking

Babies are frivolous and untamed. They toss up their bodies on the lap of the mother.  They change ways of positioning their bodies. Therefore, the mother must be careful while breastfeeding babies. For instance, don’t let your baby cover the whole part of the areola with their mouth. Instead, position your baby in such a way so that the bottom portion of the black areola of the nipple should be placed inside the mouth of the baby.  Your newborn sweetheart should be comfortable to suck nipples. If nipples are wounded or cracked, apply topical lotion or gel to remove the signs of scratch/sore/wounds.

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Duct Blockage-Another Problem of Breastfeeding- Find Solution

Often mother has breastfeeding problems due to duct blockages.  Milk drainage doesn’t take place smoothly due to such a painful milk duct clogging.  There are many reasons of duct clogging.  An Outgrowth of lump, soreness and infection in the nipples block the ways of spraying milk to feed the baby. If you are not able to bear pain during first phase of lactating babies, you must feel it necessary to visit the clinic for medical tests.  However, overstress and anxiety are also responsible to do the duct blogging temporarily.

Only doctors can solve this problem through medical observation, blood tests and clinical trials detect reasons of lactation problems. In this case, try to massage your boobs for muscle relaxation. You can choose some user-friendly gel or pain relief/muscle relaxation medications to reduce the pain as well.  At the first time, do trials to have competence in breastfeeding your baby. Squeeze your boobs to spray some amount of white milk to know whether it is painful to you. Do the same for a few days. You will feel comfy slowly when your sweetheart shows interest in sucking nutritious natural breast milk.

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Change Position of Baby to Do Smooth Lactation

Maybe, baby is not satisfied with the position you confirm.  He must be given comfort when you hug your baby for lactation. The problem is that the baby moves his hands and darts legs to have extra support.  In this case, understanding is required to settle the issue. On the other hand, to avoid physical discomfiture, duct clogging and pain in the nipples. Doctors also recommend some ergonomic or biodegradable nursing pads to help mothers to safeguard their breasts at the time of lactation.

Thrush- One of Breastfeeding Problems – Find Remedy

Mother has thrush or skin inflammation due to improper body positioning during lactation.  Milk which is released from boobs often smears the nipples and face of the baby. Thrush is an infection which enhances the skin soreness or inflammation. Doctors must be contacted to have quick treatment or tips to tackle the thrush or skin inflammation at different phases of breastfeeding.  In this connection, many women who are not well versed with health hazards and problems of breastfeeding after child delivery go for online consultation with a team of healthcare consultants.

Online healthcare experts project some common shortcomings and hurdles to breastfeed newly born neonates. They try to demonstrate online by displaying pictures and  presenting slide shows to train women how to overtake major and minor lactation problems. Both mother and babies must be happy and healthy. They should be co-operative to enjoy harvesting days together.  The mother should energize her baby to grow faster to become a matured human representative to lead the world.

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