Cost of a Power Lift Chair

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Are you in the market for a lift chair and wondering what a power lift recliner costs? Whether you’re planning to buy a power lift chair for yourself or a relative, it is important that you understand what you’re looking for, especially when you’re on a tight budget.

What Type of Lift Chair Do You Need?

Surely, you have an idea of the type of life chair that you wish to purchase. If not, you should bear in mind that there’re generally three categories of lift chairs.

Two position lift chair: You can adjust this chair into the up position and the 15 and 45 degree recline position. The back and footrest cannot be moved independently.

Three position lift chair: You can adjust this chair into the sitting and up position as well as the 15 and 45 degree recline position. The back and footrest cannot be moved independently.

Infinite position lift chair: In addition to the above, this chair can be fully reclined so that it can be used as a bed. Unlike the other chairs above, the footrest and back can be operated independently. Some manufacturers make variants that can go into the Trendenlenburg position, whereby the individual’s head and hips are at the same level whereas the feet are raised.

What Should You Expect to Pay for a Lift Chair?

After doing a little bit of research on Amazon and other online retailers, we found that a lift chair costs on average $1,102.57 (this took into account the prices of all lift chair types). In general, the price of power lift recliners ranges between $224.99 and 1,217.98 (median price, $929.00).

On average, a two position lift chair costs about $359.99. These chairs are typically hard to find on the market. Additionally, they have a limited recline range, which is not what most customers want. Most people want to be able to move their chair into more than two positions, even to have it recline fully so that they can sleep in it. However, most are not ready to pay the price that comes with this extra comfort.

A three position lift chair costs on average $1,048.55. These chairs are worth the price for the comfort that they offer. If you’re not prepared to shell out more than a thousand bucks for a power lift recliner, you can get a moderately-priced brand that costs between $400 and 500. Beware of brands that cost much less than this because these chairs (and sometimes their motors) tend to fall apart a few weeks after you purchase them.

The cost of infinite position chairs price varies greatly depending on the brand. Some manufacturers produce budget lift chairs that cost between $450 and $1,200. Luxury brands can cost up to $2,100, with the lowest price being approximately $1,400. However, an infinite position lift chair in the $500 to $1,200 range can do just the job. Besides, you can be sure that the chair or motor won’t break down within a few weeks after purchase.

With this knowledge, you now have an idea of what you need to set aside to purchase a power lift recliner. However, you still need to do a bit of research to make sure you’re happy with the product warranty before buying your lift chair.

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