Breakfast in Glass: 10 Flavourful Beverages to Consider

The corporate culture has propagated the disturbed human life and as the consequences of which, a time constraint has been installed in life of every individual working at this level. Seeking perfection in their jobs, man has forgotten the value of health and heinous issues related to the health are being observed as the time goes on evolving. This has also altered the food habits of individuals and to cope up with the balance of same, the new trend of breakfast beverages has been noticed.

From the traditional tea to the tea methods, coffee to smoothie, the evolution has been to an extent that these beverages are not only serving the potential health, but also, maintain the taste to keep the lively life alive! Utilising few things in your refrigerator efficiently or modifying few of the cooking habits by adding minute inputs can serve you the gains to be practised in long run. Discussed here a few breakfast beverages that can make your whole day, bliss!

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Mocha Coffee

breakfast beverages coffee

‘The life is temporary, coffee is permanent’ such is the hype of this beverage that the lovers of the same has even compared it to the life. If you decide to alter your preparation a bit, the mocha coffee can surely give you a taste you would remember lifetime. Simply take cocoa powder and mix it with two tablespoon of the milk. Stir or blend it to let the two components mix up. If interested, you can add a scoop of ice cream as per your flavor taste and a pinch of cinnamon shall be sprinkled. You have an overwhelming dish ready in your hand.

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healthy breakfast smoothies

Smoothie has made a special place in the minds and the hearts of its consumers, lately! Prepared with the blueberry and sweet cherry, a cup of berry juice can be mixed altogether. To chill the luring beverage, add 2-3 ice cubes based on your requirement. Promising the values of the berries, smoothie is anti oxidant and this raises the nutritional value minimizing the harm associated with the drink. See all the delicious Breakfast Smoothie here

Banana almond crush

breakfast smoothies

Banana can be considered as the nutrition storehouse. It is one of the easiest going fruit and can be clubbed up with number of other food components. Here we are talking about the banana shake served with the crushed almonds. First of all, take two bananas and half a cup of orange juice. Mix the two along with the yoghurt using the mixer grinder. Pour the mixture in the glass and add a tablespoon of the honey to the same. Now, blend the almonds in powder form using a blender and spread it at the top of your beverage. And this way you are just a sip away from one of the finest beverages you ever had.

Mimosa orange cream

orange cream mimosa breakfast

Any health conscious person shall always put the thumbs up for the fruit containing beverage. One such is mimosa orange cream served with champagne as an internal component of the beverage. For making this, take orange juice zest in the glass and sugar to the same. Blend the mixture till the sugar is mixed. Now, let it settle and out it in the refrigerator overnight. Next morning, gently remove out the frozen part and let it soften. Put it in the champagne glass and fill the same with champagne. The beverage is ready to be served.

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Tea lattes

tea breakfast beverage

The domination of the tea as a morning beverage can never be over ruled for the times that passed and for the times to come. A slight modification in the preparation way can take you to a whole new level of tea experience. Taking Irish tea for the breakfast, easily available in the confectioner stores nearby you and mix it with honey. This mixture is now added to the hot milk and this is now heated steeply in the hot boiling water and not the direct flame. Pour honey and milk for the taste, if required.

Trifle Sunday

sunday trifle breakfast drink

The beautiful sight it is to watch, the tastier it would be. Defining the activation principle for the taste buds, trifle Sunday can easily please you just with the sight of it and has a high healthy content value. It is a layered beverage and uses berry sauce and zest of lemon as the basic required product. The desired layers are achieved using the cheese cream, yoghurt, raspberries, strawberries and the custard. These layers are created in the glass and fresh mint is added on the top to add to the beauty and to garnish the same.

Spiced Black Tea

The tea, as said above, is undisputed ruler of the morning beverages and can be served in various ways with different ingredients every time. One such modification will lead you to the spiced black tea. Utilising the water, sugar, fresh ginger, cloves, lemon juice, pomegranate juice, black tea bags and the cinnamon to add to the taste, spiced black tea, as the name suggests is spiced enough to be friends with the taste buds and maintain the nutritive balance. The use of the pomegranate juice is actually adding the antioxidants to the beverage.

Cherry berry smoothie

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Smoothie is suddenly a new cool easily seen on the dining tables of the health conscious people. A vitamin C rich beverage, smoothie is simple to prepare and healthy to digest. Termed to be a cooking retreat, it contains cherries, strawberries and blueberries. The use of the blueberries is optional though but suggested to add to the taste. An antioxidant, cherry berry smoothie is something one shall not regret trying at least once!

Green tea

One of the most promising breakfast beverages with guarantee returns of a healthy and fit body is green tea. Excluding the milk completely out of the scene and breaking the traditional standards, the green tea is just the addition of the green tea bags to the hot water and slight addition of honey in desirable amount of taste.

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