Depressed During Pregnancy? Symptoms to consider

You must have heard of this proverb- one who picks the roses must bear with the thorns. Having taken an honorable decision to get pregnant can make you a depression-hit victim.

Every pregnant woman confronts this phase. The only difference lies is in their depression tackling ability. Some compromise on their situations goes with a flow, getting stressed day by day. While others, find better manage to convert their stressful situations and anxiety into laughter by getting involved with something of their interest.


Let us not waste this precious time by incorporating a tinge of fear, anxiety, stress; all leading to dreadful depression during pregnancy. Depression generally occurs due to a paranoid brain reacting to difficult life circumstances. During pregnancy, you undergo huge hormonal changes and mood fluctuations that influence your brain and cause depression in the course of pregnancy. Not only this, you might have had certain painful events in past or any unforgettable depression situation in your family history that can’t be neglected.

Let us have a fleeting look over some essential symptoms that can cause depression during pregnancy.

  1. Low Concentration Power

With progressing time, you get a semblance of being into depression if your concentration power weakens throughout your pregnancy. Depression causes anxiety in your mind that contracts the framework of your mind within a limited area. This situation refrains you from focusing on a particular thing. Try to meditate and bring your mind at peace.

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  1. Incessant Empty Feeling

Continuous sadness is in direct congruence with the depression. Try an avoid things that make you intensely emotional and cause tears breakout. Get your hands on to some hilarious effects that can boost laughter in you and sidestep your inessential sadness.

  1. No proper sleep


If you are not able to get sound sleep, consider this part of problem as a way to depression. 8 hours of sleeping is minimum for your mood to enliven. Sleeping too much or too less will again bring a twist in your smooth pregnancy and be the reason of your anxiety and lethargy attitude. Get sound sleep without letting your mind undergo any tinge of anxiousness and fear. Let your pregnancy be away from all these negative influence.

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  1. Losing interest in your favorite activities

One of the major symptoms of occurring depression during pregnancy is losing interest in all those activities, which were in the list of your favorites some time back. Even if you don’t feel like doing, do it forcefully. You might develop interest again. Else, the chances of depression will take more obvious turn.

  1. Effect on your appetite

You will suddenly witness an effect on your appetite. You will either experience a loss of appetite or an increased appetite. The change in eating habits can be a result of tiredness or non-interest towards performing activities. Eat healthy and keep your mind and health stable.

  1. Negative thoughts

Beings pessimist is another crucial sign of depression during pregnancy. You may develop a sinking feeling within you. The thoughts of committing suicide or abortion will hit your mind. Other negative influences can worsen your depression. Meet positive people and share positive things. Withdraw yourself from negativity and gain positive vibes.

  1. Extreme Frustration


When your mood is not all right, you tend to witness mood swings. Depressed from your present situation, you might create an issue out of nothing or at times you take out your agitation by the virtue of tears breakout. Extreme frustration is one of the prominent symptoms of undergoing depression in the course of pregnancy. Try and divert your mind by involving yourself in activities that can keep your spirits high and compel you to forget your condition.

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  1. Losing interest in meeting people

Once you might have been a kind of girl who used to meet new people in daily walks of your life. Have you suddenly lost interest in meeting people, interacting with them or socializing?  It is an obvious sign of getting depressed during pregnancy. Depression will force you to mark isolation from your friends, relatives and even your partner. You have to act sensible. Isolating yourself with everyone will not only depress you more but proof to be bad for your baby as well. Get along with people and enjoy like you used to in your pre pregnancy times.

The above-mentioned factors provide an obvious indication of enduring depression. Let it not interfere in your happiness. Researchers are trying to quest for some advanced therapies that can cure depression at an earliest. However, following natural techniques will certainly be a wise choice. You need to provide best care to your little one and that is possible only when you take good care of yourself. Be an optimist and pass this pregnancy phase with optimism.

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