Struggling with Love Life: The finest Relationship Advices for Men

“Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”– remember the well-known saying?

Feeling connected with the same saying, in your relationship??

Completely mysterious about what your beloved expects from you!!

Whatever efforts you make you always feel – A happy woman is a myth!!

Relationship advices for men

If you feel connected with the above questions, you are certainly stuck with your love life. You are a perfectionist in other aspects of life. All your presentations, excel sheets, jogging, Gym, and other hardy activities go well versed with you. But when it comes to the softer side, you are struggling with bringing your love life back on track.

Dude, your worries ends here with the perfect guide to eternal relationship advices for men, to excel even the softer side of your personal life.

Women- the creation of God from a bone borrowed from a man, is not as difficult to tackle as you think she is.

Guys, you have over-stayed with the problem and need an urgent relationship advices!!

And if you are dealing with the long distance relationship, then this guide will help you to tackle it.

To help you excel in your relationship and love life, here are the suggestions` you will love to take

14 best relationship advices for Men

  • Let her feel specially desirable !!

Instantly put this ingredient in the perfect dish of your relationship. She loves to be special and when you pay full attention to her during her small talks or bigger communications, she is likely to feel more desirable. Draw few minutes out of your engaging activities to pay attention to her, rather than feeling confused at the end by paying no attention, else it would irritate her. Your addictions should never overtake her (ex- your cricket-fever should never make her feel left-over).

  • Compliment her “TRULY” !!

Compliments are truly desirable by women, but don’t make a mistake of expressing a fake compliment. They have a strong sense of understanding and personal instincts. Always compliment her truly, she would love to hear about her imperfections for betterment, but man, fake compliments are really not working for them.

  • Create a sense of Empathy towards her feelings!

Women are totally different in their thought process as compared to you. They have a higher urge towards kindness and emotional intent. Show empathy to her feelings, when she waits for you to come home from work or cooks your favourite meal. Your simple gesture of understanding will put her on cloud nine.

  • Take a vacation break!

Don’t you feel it has been long since you both went on a holiday??  Seems you had been too busy sorting your excel-sheets and PPTS. It’s high time, dear, plan a vacation and enjoy your time together. Remember a perfect relationship is the one where you both are into it.

  • Planning surprises for her!

Surprise her with dinner or plan a date or even the smallest gifts she was feeling missing in her wardrobe. Your women will always love the slightest intent of surprise element you try giving her. She will feel noticed, if you do so.

  • Be her Perfect Boyfriend and a Real friend ALWAYS!

Consider your relationship to be at the beginning stage, every day. Be the perfect boyfriend that made her feel special and the real friend who assisted her in all her problems. Don’t let the love spice evaporate as it has been years you are in the relationship. It still needs to be nurtured the way you did it.

  • Be the favourite MasterChef she  loves!

This can work only, if you know how to cook. Cook the menu of your choice; you think you are a master at. She would love the idea and wouldn’t mind, even if the menu-course is of your choice. For a non-cook, even a cup of tea/coffee, or a toast works. Just give it an honest try!!

  • Say the 3 Golden Words and gesture it!

Don’t hesitate gesturing your love with both physical and verbal gestures by saying the 3 golden words. Hug her; kiss her, whenever you feel like. Believe me, this is what she really desires!

Best Relationship Advice for Marriage

  • Make her feel understood!

Communicate and converse well with your beloved to understand what she is into and what she expects out of you. Understanding her is the solution to all problems that arise now and then.

  • No false commitments or promises, feel the respect you owe to her and show it!

Falsification doesn’t work, when we talk relationship advice for men. Remember women don’t function that way. They hate false commitments and promises. Be very sure about what you promise and try keeping it. A woman needs to be respected, so does your darling. Respect the commitment you made and show her that you do.

  • Keep the Sex Life Alive!

Sex keeps your relationship buzzing. Be the God of sex and keep your sex life alive, it really works this way.

  • Take control of the arguments!

In case of arguments or disagreements, take control of the situation and try neutralizing the things ASAP. Don’t mess with prolonged and filthy arguments. You will worsen the things then.

struggling with love life

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  • Create memories!

Create albums, digital gallery of the wonderful memories you have. As one of the best relationship advice for men, this will make her feel that you relish spending time with her.

  • Be Protective not overprotective!

As a man, she expects you to protect her towards both extrinsic and intrinsic factors that come. Never be over-protective, questioning her about whom she is talking to or why did she go somewhere.

There would be challenges at the beginning. But, remember taking challenges make you a “Real Man” by following the relationship advice for men.

You have proved yourself earlier; you will do it this time, as well. The only thing she wants is being with you and you feel the same- Right??

So, what keeps you waiting, show her how badly you feel and desire for her !!

Your game of life also works the same way as you love for games. Be the man of her dreams turned into reality, who treats her way, she deserves to be!!

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