Five Low Calorie Breakfast ideas to Stay fit

Give yourself a pat on the back first thing in the morning by eating healthy!. We all know the importance of Breakfast. To dig deep inside it and how it helps our body, you must read importance-of-breakfast

Importance of low calories

   Food is something most of us enjoy. Really, who does not love chocolate truffles?

But it generally ends up putting you on a guilt trip. Low calorie foods have become an indispensable component of the modern man diet because of the need to stay fit and presentable at all times.

It is really significant to include food with low calories in our regular food regime because it helps us sustain symmetry between our calorie consumption and the sedentary lifestyle that most of us experience.

Only one common problem that all of us face is how to control our diets in a way where we do not compromise on the taste but still consume food that benefits us. That is how we come to terms with the importance of a low calorie diet. It is very commonly seen that people who are on a diet to lose those extra pounds are either starving or eating tasteless food over and over again. One may get himself in this position due to lack of organization of a proper food plan. That’s where we come in to help you.

Most of the low calorie breakfasts, mentioned below, are handpicked exclusively for the health conscious, which include most of the important components and gather a maximum of 100 calories.

1)  Spinach Omelette

Low Calorie BreakfastOmelettes are a  great choice for breakfast. Protein-packed egg and spinach, which is rich in iron are the great sources for early energy. It is a good way to disguise the ubiquitously disliked spinach and get that hearty dose of vitamins and minerals which come with it.  It leaves you feeling full for a long time. All you need is one medium sized egg and one bunch of spinach.

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Crack and whisk the egg in a bowl and then pour it in a small frying pan. Wait until the bottom of the omelette is cooked and then top with spinach and grill. Add salt, pepper and some herbs for adding some flavor to the egg. Make sure you do not add other condiments such as cheese, milk or ham. This will increase the calorie count by a lot.

2)  Mixed berries, Mango and apricot yogurt

Low Calorie BreakfastThis breakfast idea ends up being a front runner of all the low calorie breakfasts because it gives you the choice of adding your favorite fruits to some lusciously creamy yogurt! For the perfectly luscious yogurt you need your choice of favourite berries such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and an apricot. You can switch to other fruits such as papayas and apples too.

This is the best way to sustain your yogurt for long, by adding sweetness to it.

Add the prescribed amount of strawberries, raspberries and mango in a bowl and then add the yogurt. Top it with fresh segments of apricots and enjoy! Make sure you do not add bananas to the yogurt as they have a high fat content and also, try to use the low fat version of yogurt to reduce fat content and calorie count. This is a very healthy way of starting your day and it will surely keep you satisfied for long!

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3)  Porridge

Low Calorie BreakfastAll you require is some porridge oats, slimmers honey, a pinch of cinnamon and water. Porridge is one of the best low calorie breakfasts as it is one of the few slow releasing carbs, which means the oats will keep you full for quite a while.

Add approximately 30gm that is roughly about two tablespoons of porridge oats in a bowl. You can add  water instead of milk to lessen the calorie count as it is very helpful. Sweeten by adding one teaspoon of honey and add extra flavor by adding a pinch of cinnamon.  You could add some nuts like almonds and walnuts to your porridge but keep in mind that each condiment you add will deviate the calorie count. You may add some fruits such as apples or strawberries to make your porridge even more tempting.

4)  Scrambled egg and mushrooms

Low Calorie BreakfastFor this recipe all you need is a medium egg, some salt and pepper and a decent amount of mushrooms. This is another healthy yet delicious low calorie breakfast option for everyone trying to cut off those extra flabs. The egg provides you with enough protein, whereas the mushrooms give a great texture to the egg and makes it a lot more filling. This breakfast option can easily keep you satisfied till lunch time. Just avoid adding milk or any other condiment and make sure you use one medium egg  to downsize the calorie count.

Whisk one medium egg in a bowl till fluffy.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Add the egg in a non stick pan and add the boiled mushrooms cut into small wedges. You do not want the egg to set, so use a fork to scramble it. Cook egg, according to preference and enjoy.

5)  Whole wheat bread and honey

For this diet sweet delight, all you require is a slice of whole wheat bread and two teaspoons of honey. If you are counting your calories, but still have a sweet tooth, you have found your calling. This low calorie breakfast gives you a chance to render to your sweet craving even when you are following a strict diet. Get the best quality whole wheat bread you can find and spread about two teaspoons of yummy honey. You can add a touch of nutmeg powder for additional flavours.

 This gooye and sweet dish never feels like diet food and can easily become a front runner for someone who has a sweet tooth. The honey topping goes really well with bread and is actually much lighter than many other toast toppings.

Well! Here you have your yummy and healthy breakfast options you can savor on every day!

Hope it helps you.

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