How to Gain Weight Naturally

Weight gain is not a problem actually for anyone. One has to keep this in mind that to gain weight, you just have to do is eat proper food in proper timings so that the body does not become unhealthy. Healthy food will make you healthy not fat. Weight gain can be put in two ways, one, to become healthy and second is to become obese. And for sure no one wants to become an obese by eating all types of food just to gain weight.

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gain weight naturally

Steps to Gain Weight Naturally

There are a few steps one has to follow to gain weight naturally:
• One has to stay away from oily foods and junk food items such as fried chicken, pizza, burger and the never ending food items. The calories will definitely increase by having these foods, but in a bad way. Eat healthy food.
Omega fatty acid 3 is really good for health and for increasing weight. Foods like fish and walnuts have fats in them, but these are healthy fats.
• Have six meals a day. Increase your calories by 500 as per day intake.
• Start having protein shakes. These are very helpful in building your muscles. These shakes are easily available in food stores now days and online too.
• Don’t forget to exercise even if you are looking ways to put on weight. Proper exercises will definitely help you in gaining weight in a planned and a proper way. Cardio exercises must be avoided.
• Stop over eating. Don’t eat after night because after you sleep that food becomes fat, which makes your body unhealthy. Have fruits and drinks if the hunger is felt.

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Eating healthy food is good for weight gain and weight loss too. What you have to do, for weight gain is to increase your quantity of food, but definitely in a healthier way. Inclusion of healthy fats in the food habits of your daily routine helps in weight gain.

Some points should be kept in mind while eating food for weight gain:

 If hungry, eat snacks such as apples with peanut butter, cookies, or eat carrots.
 Include nutritional drink fruit juices.
 Exercise with the help of weights.
 Have fruits and vegetables both.
 Drink plenty of water.

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Reasons of being Underweight

There are many reasons which can be jotted down, but few of them are like meal timings, inadequate food habits and loads of pressure from work and no proper food intake. These are the few reasons which keep you thin and lean and don’t help you gain weight.
Some health issues also make you lanky such as prolonged illness, diseases like tuberculosis and hypo thyroids and many more. Thus to avoid weight loss, it is very, very important to avoid any kind of unhealthy lifestyle.

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Some Exercises for Weight Gain

how to gain weight naturally As a beginner, there are some exercises which you can do for gaining weight.
• Squat 5×5
• 5x failure pull-ups
• Over head press 5×5
• Bench press 5×5
• Again squat 5×5 and over head press 5×5
Do these exercises at least three days a week and slowly increase the weight every week, according to the pressure taken by you. Olympic lifts and dips can also be added later.

Workout Plans at home itself for Weight Gain

No other options will be as good as the workouts for gaining weight. Strength training is very good for building muscles in overall body masses.

1. Multiple Muscle Workouts

In this option you have to use barrels, dumbbells or smaller weights. This is a full workout to build muscle weights in your body. Various kinds of positions can be done with the weights such as standing, sitting or bench position.

2. Core Muscle Focus

This exercise is for back, hip and abdomen. By doing these crunches and push-ups you can add weight to the core muscles of your body.
Lie on the stability ball in your back and do crunches to build muscles without the weights.
With your knees on the ball, do push ups as many times you can. Do not exert yourself.

3. Workout Without Equipments

These kinds of workouts are done without any dumbbells or barrels or ball. An athlete who wants to gain weight try avoiding the weights and sometimes weights can be actually risky for workouts. This is because not all bodies are same. So before going for any exercise, make sure your body is comfortable with it.
These exercises activate your stamina strength and the bones too. It brings focus and balance in your body.

4. Small Muscle Training

The smaller muscles group which needs to be toned and weigh more is done by the resistance band. This resistance band helps building small muscles which are inside the body and needs attention too for proper weight gain. By stretching the resistance band the muscles are challenged by the light weight materials provided while stretching.

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Well, if you are lean and slim and looking for the right path to gain weight naturally, you simply need to follow the above regime. Grab some healthy habits and healthy lifestyle to achieve your goal and Live The Motto, “Never Stop Eating”

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