How to get pregnant faster with these 5 ways

Pregnancy is a cherished delight for every lady. Although Nature has designed its ways intricately enough to ensure the survival of mankind on this planet yet the perfect synergism and timing is necessary! For some ladies, getting pregnant is just as usual and for some, time delay may generate curiosity and concern. However, there may not be any serious deficiency in all the cases of delay and it is just a matter of chance that conception does not occur. Traditional and indigenous knowledge preserved in the social settings in different parts of the world have been relying on some simple yet effective techniques to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Now the science has substantiated most of those tips as valid. Let’s have a look at five most promising ways of getting pregnant faster.

How to get pregnant faster and easy ways to get pregnant.

Pregnancy is a conjunction. These tips are aimed at increasing the chances of this conjunction in your sex life. These are –

Have sex frequently!

Getting pregnant is question of probability and the chances increase with the frequency of your love making. Conception is a function of delicate ovulation process that is governed by the menstrual cycle of the lady. However, this cycle may differ in timing and regularity and in the backdrop of today’s complex life, irregular periods are not uncommon! This sets aberrations and reduces the chances of getting pregnant. Therefore the expert sexologists advocate that couple trying to reproduce should try and have fun almost every second day; some say daily! Well this may not appear as a difficult proposition to acquire as sex is fun at last! Why shy of it?

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Some of the ancient traditional doctrines concerning sex and coitus have advocated the timing of the 24 hour day (the diurnal cycle) as a determinant. Indian literature has talked about having sex during the night and substantiates this view with the perfect synergism of the human body with the external environment and the body’s sex oriented responses – that ultimately increase the chances of conceiving!

Know your cycle

This is intrinsic to the lady trying to conceive. The menstrual cycle is ideally of 28 day duration and has phases of ovulation, endometrium build up, and dissolution of the endometrium in the form of period that span for 4-7 days. This cycle differs in every individual lady and it is necessary that the perfect timing is established. The required fertilization is achieved only when the sperm ejaculated in the cervix/uterus meets the ovum. The ovum is not present all the time in the uterus but it’s presence is a function of ovulation that is the release of the egg from the ovary and its reaching to the uterine cavity after traveling through the fallopian tubes. The chances are highest after ovulation when the ovum is available and the endometrium is well prepared to receive the implantation of the embryo.

Although women can count 14 days from the first day of their period to sense their ovulation but this is true only with the ladies with perfect cycles. The ovulation kits available in the market are good to know about the timing of ovulation in one’s body. These kits are the function of LH or Luteinizing Hormone running in the blood. The LH gets swelled up 36 hours prior to ovulation and is detected by the kit to generate an indication for the ripe time to engage.

Drop your contraceptive routines early!

Contraceptives have become a norm in today’s aware society and most couples try to delay their first birth after marriage. For this they engage in diverse types of contraceptives – both barrier type and hormonal! As for the barrier type (condoms and diaphragms) there is no problem in achieving fertility immediately but for the hormonal type (pills, IUCDs) it may take some time before the female body gets on to the normal sex cycles of fertility. It is therefore said by the experts that a lady who wants to conceive should drop her contraceptive routine well before the actual time planned by her. This brings her cycles of ovulation back on track.


It is advised that the couple should take a healthy diet that is full of energy and minerals especially those which regulate sexual health. An expert’s advice is in favor of a balanced diet that brings good proportions of every food component and thus reduces the deficiency gaps in the nutrition. Mineral and vitamin deficiencies are one of the prime causes of inconsistencies that prevent conception in spite of all physical requisites. Certain minerals and vitamins have been identified with locomotor function of the sperms as also their health!

Say goodbye to stress

Stress is an aberration for healthy sex life. It may not appear as the physical shortcoming but has fine implications on the sexual health and allied hormonal profiles in both men and women.

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These are 5 promising ways to boost your chances of getting pregnant. Say no to stress, eat good and know yourself to get your cherished purposes fulfilled!

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