How to get pregnant with twins

Having being pregnant is a beautiful feeling. Conceiving twins is what most of the couples wish for. However they are not well versed with the techniques of conceiving. A random attempt reduces the probability of conceiving twins. Here are few effective steps that can help you get pregnant with twins.


  1. Analyze Your present chances

With a view to conceive twins, you are required to consider your current chances of fulfilling your objective. The chance for attaining pregnant with twins is not more than 3%. Beyond which the chances will dwindle. Additionally, being overweight, older and belonging to a family that has experienced twins in their pre-historic times drastically accelerates the chances of attaining twin pregnancy.

  1. Increased age increases the twin probability

Older you are, more the chances of you getting pregnant with twins. It is true, with advancing age, the chances of attaining pregnancy reduces. However, if at all you get pregnant, the odds will be more inclined towards twins. At the age of 40-45, the chances are tremendously higher. Old women are probable of developing IVF, a technique that enables the mother to embed embryo into her womb. Thereby, raising the chances of having look-alike twins.

  1. Intake of healthful dairy products

The presence of insulin in body augments the possibility of raising twins. It is mandatorily advisable for to be mother to increase her intake of dairy products like cheese, milk, curd and other milk products if she is wishful of getting pregnant with twins. As per the recent survey, it has been concluded that women consuming milk products during the framework of their pregnancy accelerates the tendency of conceiving twins as much as 5% than the ones preferring non dairy products.

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  1. Put A Halt On Birth Control Pills

Most of the women now days rely on birth control pills to put their pregnancy on halt. However, they should stop the usage of birth control pills right before they plan for getting pregnant. Reason being, their bodies must have taken the directions provided by the pills. As soon as they leave talking the pills, their bodies will balance the hormones. As a result, when the ovulation process is likeable to release two eggs. It is not scientifically proven but contains higher possibility of gaining pregnant with twins.

  1. Consume Folic Acid

Consumption of folic acid is congruent to conceiving twins. If you have really dreamt of giving birth to twins, there is no harm in trying out various things that may lead to the accomplishment of your dream. As per the studies, to be mothers who had taken folic acid prior to conceiving has turned the odds of getting pregnant with twins in their favor. The chances for getting twins are as higher as 40% on folic acid consumption.

  1. In vitro Fertilization

Another easier yet expensive technique of getting naturally pregnant with twins. In the past, this technique was popularly known as test tube babies where women’s ova is removed from her body and let sperm fertilize that ova. After this ovulation process that has taken place outside the women’s body, the eggs are again injected into her womb.

How are twins conceived?

There are two kinds of twins.

  • Fraternal twins
  • Identical twins

Both the genres of twins can take place under different circumstances. Fraternal twins are the result of two different eggs. During the ovulation process, the fraternal twins are developed when ovary unfolds 2 eggs. On the contrary, identical twins occur due to the fertility of one egg that splits slashes into two.

Complications while conceiving twins

Every pregnancy is enveloped with certain complications. However, twin pregnancy is likely to increase the level of complications. Witnessing high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, fetal growth, and low birth weight is common in normal pregnancies. Whereas, twin pregnancy will have higher tendency of complications including twin to twin transfusion, Intrauterine growth restriction, pre-mature labor, pre-eclampsia and many more. It is recommendable to maintain constant touch with your doctor and keep him updated throughout your pregnancy.

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Strengthen your chances of delivering twins by following the above-mentioned steps. Make sure you undergo regular check ups by your doctor to escape the arrival of any prospective complications or trouble that are likely to take place in future. Perpetuate the safety of your baby and you and relish a delightful pregnancy time. Experience the feeling of conceiving twins naturally. You would love the feeling. In the past, many women were in favor of giving birth to twins, however, they were deprived of such opportunity. Now, with few of the above mentioned tips, it will be highly possible for every woman to mold their pregnancy as per their desires. There is nothing to fear. There are no side effects of these tips and are purely natural.

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