How to Gain Weight Quickly for Boys?

There are no shortcuts to anything awesome in life and so does gaining weight. It’s a gradual process that carries on over time. More so, for guys who have a high rate of metabolism who can’t add weight no matter what! However, there are some tips to make it quicker. Let’s see how it can be done.

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How to Gain Weight Quickly for Boys

Motivation is the key!


Motivation is the key to getting success in life in any field be it your exams or weight gaining. Once you start incorporating the steps to gain weight, don’t turn back. Keep striving until you gain weight. Make yourself a chart and track your weight, your size and even photographs. That will keep you motivated.

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Eat like there is no tomorrow until you fill up totally

This is the most important trick to gain weight quickly. Often, boys underestimate their food limit and set themselves a target after which they refuse to eat. Don’t do that. Just go on eating until you fill yourself up. But, eating more surely does not mean eating those fast foods like chips, pizza and all those oily food with high fat content. That will win you nothing except a sad stomach and an upset digestion.


The trick to gain wait is to eat healthy, calorie rich foods which are stocked with proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and all those foods that have good fats in them. You should particularly eat a mix up of foods to gain weight quickly like lean meat, fish, rice, potatoes, vegetables, milk, cheese, chicken along with many more.

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The biological clock

Most of us don’t know it but actually there is a biological clock inside each of us. Don’t upset that, once that gets upset you are going to meet a very bad situation. A very common example would be. Maintain a disciplinary routine. Eat and sleep on the same time every single day. Get proper deep sleep.


It is very essential that you get ample rest for your body to recuperate. It improves circulation, normalizes breathing and a range of problems. Exercise on time, play on time, do everything on time so that your biological clock remains ticking, this will also help you in gaining out. And most importantly don’t stress yourself too much with any issue. The more you stay happier, the more you will be helping yourself to add on weight.


Eat time to time.

Keep eating repeatedly time to time, after every few hours. But the old rule again, eat only till you feel full. Start by eating every 4 hours, then over time reduce it to every 3 hours, then again reduce it to 2 hours. Make it a point to drink a glass of water 15 minutes after you wake up and get a good breakfast. Eat well and you will have yourself gaining weight soon.


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Work out to get the body of your idol

We have all been in misconception in one time that eating alone can increase our weight but that is not at all true. Work out as well as healthy eating is the mission here. Join a good gym and tell your trainer that you want to gain weight. There are few things to be remembered as a precaution:


  1. Never exercise in an empty stomach, it will not only hinder your weight gain regime but will also reverse it. This is because, when you exercise with an empty stomach, your body will break down fat, thereby making you lose weight instead of gaining..
  2. Make sure that you eat high calorie foods regularly so that you keep up with the surging demand of your body for energy. At the same time make sure to include fiber rich foods like apples and oranges.
  3. Never try to become “He-Man” on your first day of regime by lifting heavy weights. That way your hand will be down with high pain the entire week and it will be more hassle than exercise. Start gradually.

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Do squats, head lifts, dips, push ups, pull ups; first through free hand and then move to weights. Choose dumb bells first before you move on to weights and increase the weights over a course of time.

One important fact to be remembered is that when you are hitting the gym you are doing something equivalent to strenuous labour plus. It is a known fact that muscles grow when we are at rest so give yourself ample rest and do not exercise every single day.

You can also join an outdoor strenuous sport club, like swimming or football and dedicate at least 2 hours of your day every day there.


With the proper follow up of each of these steps, you can easily gain weight. Just stay dedicated and motivated, that’s the true key.

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