How to Gain Weight Quickly for Girls

There are pros and cons in being scientifically advanced, in this globalised world. One such disadvantage may be poor health. Studies show that a number of people are suffering from obesity while an equal statistic reveal that people are also suffering from malnutrition or thinness. No matter how hard you try to look good, it is by the shape of your body that nothing fits you well. If you have a perfectly toned body, you are admired by everyone. Like the obese girls, there are also girls who fight for gaining weight. If you too are one such type then this article is sure to help you.

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How to Gain Weight Quickly for Girls

How to Gain Weight Quickly for Girls?

Know the body type

All you need first to know is your body type. If you are slim and thin then the basic reason for it may be due to genetic disorder. However, if you are sure your genes are fat then your thinness may be due to poor diet with hardly any selection of nutrient or mineral rich food. Girls whose physical activity increases with no increase in the intake of food may suffer from this problem. Regular illness for a long period of time may also hinder the body to gain weight.

Know the Body Type

Age, weight and height is always in proportion. Perhaps that is why it is important to have a good body with your age. The stress level for different girls may be different and due to this maintaining good body shape seems an impossible task. Well no more.. Every illness has a cure and every cloud has a silver lining.. Girls if you face such issues then do not worry..we bring you easy, simple tips on gaining weight and ready for bigger compliments.

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Avoid junk food

The basic thing to keep minuend is to have food whose nutritional value is high. Junk food is a big no-no. Shopping makes the girls’ world crazy, but with it comes the adverse affect of relying on outside food . Chaats, pani-puris and bhel is the most favourite and common among girls. Knowing that junk food is no- time a healthy option , one can opt for fruit juices which is every time available. This is not only healthy but also it will boost you up with energy so high that you can go on shopping even more.

Avoid junk food to gain weight fast

Add nutrition

Another thing to keep in mind has food which includes carbohydrates, proteins and minerals. Since this article focusses on weight gain girl you should also have fatty foods like   tuna, salmon, flax and walnuts. Well girls first needs to increase their appetite. If you are of the type who cannot eat much in one sitting then its rather convenient to eat five to six times a day. Eating heavy meals in one go leads to laziness and makes us feel lethargic.

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So it is suggestible to have lighter meals at regular interval of time rather than having it in one go. For all girls, though with proper meals nuts and healthy food should be taken in interval of two hours. This will keep you high in energy plus maintain balanced diet.

Add Nutrition to gain weight

Dairy products like milk, butter and cheese should be included in your everyday diet. It will help you grow fat and also it will provide surplus result for your skin. Drinking 8 litres of water improves digestion thereby increasing your appetite. If you are an office going girl, beverages like tea and coffee is common in the afternoon or while at bedtime working late hours. These beverages hindrance the iron in the blood which doesn’t allow body to grow. If you have this habit think about this and cut this out from your daily routine.

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Right lifestyle

That was all about food and its value. Proper rest and sleep is as essential as food and work. Scientists prove that an adult should have maximum 8 hours of sleep. This reduces stress and improves blood circulation especially in the heart. Having a habit of rising up early and going to bed at the right time will anyway make you healthy, wealthy and wise. Weight gaining is though a slow but a sure process.

Right Lifestyle to gain weight for girls

Increasing weight at the right place is equally important. A girl should know the difference between fat weight and muscle weight. Too much fat will accumulate around hips, stomach and thighs while muscle weight grows on areas that you work. Keeping ideal body in mind regular exercise is must. There are a number of body toning exercise that will make you fit. Working on a treadmill is not suggestible if your only focus is fat gain. Well a right gym trainer will help you more with all such information. Yoga is advisable too for shaping your body and getting right curves.

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However, one should not go for easy and quick method and help yourself with steroids or supplements. Remember, natural way of treating yourself will have longer and lasting effect than artificial way of bringing out your desire. With all the above stated facts if you are really promising yourself to follow this than I am sure you are going to have your curves at the right places than you ever thought possible. Go feel easy to weight gain  girl.. 😉

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