How to remain Fit and Healthy this Monsoon

The anticipated monsoon brings message of tenderness and love. Listening to the pit pat drops from your glassy room gives immense ecstasy. Some crazy monsoon lovers feel super exalted to soak in the heavy downpour. They love to feel the hugging of the uncountable water droplets. After a prolonged searing heat the much-awaited monsoon is the most endearing season people love to enjoy. Indeed, it wraps the heated earth with coolness and disseminates the muddy aroma with a new freshness.

stay fit in monsoon

But to some monsoon lovers it means remaining confined to the closed doors and enjoying pristine drops. While to some it means partying with families and hanging out friends.
In the midst of all these the most essential companion that is your health should not be overlooked. Well kick start your health preparation with the preset monsoon. Just eye out the weather and get ready to gran the best tips in your arsenal.

For those rain lovers who love to dance to the watery rhythm and gets eudemonia to hear the cluck -cluck of the shoes stamping the muddy rain water. For them as well as the non – monsoon lovers all should be ready to fight the unwanted infections and virus which are welcomed along with the monsoon.

Here are some tips for the monsooners to stay fit and healthy. Have rounded to give you shot of healthy tips to stay safe during monsoon.

Stay away from spicy junks

For the street food buffs that loves to hop in the street food stalls to taste the spicy vada paos and puris. Just pause it as monsoon is not the right time to have all these. Try to have the home-prepared meals as they are hygienically prepared and keep you at bay from bacterial contamination in the stomach.

Include green leafy vegetables and fruits

Seems like a doctor’s suggestion, but health is wealth. And when you stick the aforesaid statement, it is important that special care should be taken especially during the months of monsoon. In fact, the incorporation of fruits like apples, litchis are truly a wise choice as they work actively to flush out the unhealthy toxins from your body. Ensuring a clean and non-toxic internal system. Additionally, it also boosts your immune system whose work doubles up during the monsoon tenure.

Cleanse your hands and feet

Often children do bear a habit of un-washing hands and feet after returning from the downpour. Indeed, that is extremely unhealthy. Even adults to adopt the habit of washing both hands and feet deliberately. This will prevent the attack of water borne insects. At the same time will keep the bacteria’s and viruses away from you. If possible you can carry a sanitizer to company you, on the go. Along with the hands special attention should be given to the feet as well. As you come back home from rain just do clean the dirt that glues to your feet and gives a pungent smell. Wash with a soapy cleanser and parch it for a fresh feel.

Replenish with water

Abundant water is very important during the monsoon days. Quench your body with gallons of water. Just hydrate so that you do not suffer from any serious stomach problem. Having water now and then simply numbs the taste. In substitution to that you can have some herbal green tea or syrups for a refreshed cool feeling. Else you can also stick to health drinks, which gives you the best of both worlds. But make sure that you should garnish with ginger or a bit pepper to keep cough and cold away. Additionally for lemon tea lovers endearing monsoon is the perfect season to bang on.

Non-veg- A Big No

During the rainy months you get too greedy and always love to have meat delicacies. If you really do love to stay healthy, then for some days just stay miles away from non-veg as they lead to infections in the stomach. You should follow veg routine, which should include fresh vegetable. But hard-core non-veg lovers can follow strews and soups.

On the go essentials

For the daily commuters you should know that umbrella gives you the ultimate protection from the toughest rainy days. Keep it and use it as this protects you from getting wet. This is because it welcomes the sneeze and cold. Along with these you should wear rain resistant sandals. This keeps you walking easily at the same time don’t allow the unseen bacteria’s to stock up unnecessarily. Moreover, it is also essential to keep your skin dry that is why keep a fresh towel so that you can stay safe from unhygienic illness.

Maintain a healthy routine:

It is hard to step out as the rain starts pouring cats and dogs. As a result, it is difficult to cope with your gym classes. Well, no issues follow a virtual gym class and be yourself the strict gym instructor. Make a routine and follow the stairs up and down for your leg exercise. You can even indulge in minor push-ups and other warming exercises. If possible can afford to get gym tools at your home. For well time adjusters spend sometime in household tasks. All these are extremely beneficial and will help you reduce and stay fit.

Shine with the sunlight

Hardly the great sun appears by trans versing the solid crust of black clouds. But whenever it does so just don’t cling to your sweet home rather be out and enjoy the beauty of sunshine. As it will prevent the formation of bacteria and at the same time will help to build vitamin d in your body.

Well these are some of the healthy tips to follow during the monsoons. Do not over stress your self and do not restrict yourself from having any fun.

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