Most important question: What’s the importance of Breakfast?

importance of breakfastA right start is the half battle won and the source of the energy that provide you with the enthusiasm for the entire battle. Here, the reference can be drawn from this to suit the breakfast and its importance for a day. The breakfast can be defined as the first meal taken right after the sleep, overnight and can be accounted for the fuel to ignite and let the body start functioning for the entire upcoming day.

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Food is a reason for the human race to sustain and carry on with the growth in all manners, be it the mental development or the physical evolution, the food is the backbone for all. The prime objective of the statement mentioned above is to start the day with a great food. A breakfast is not just the way to deal with the body requirements, but also answers to all the queries of the persisting ailments. The importance of breakfast can be derived from the fact that all the prime researchers and the research papers of the related field speak a volume about the importance of breakfast.

Why take breakfast?

The virtue of the name of the word, breakfast can be thought of as breaking at night long fast that requires the fuel to catalyze the metabolic rate of the human working system. Many people skip the breakfast in a vow to lose weight and gather a fit body, but this, clearly, is wrong. Skipping the breakfast is a no solution to gather ‘fitter’ body and better looks. Rather the breakfast gives the pathway to reach out to the goal of having a better physique. So, the answer to the question of requirements of the breakfast is quite clear! One shall resort to breakfast for multiple reasons of which the nutrition, maintenance of the body and the health are prime most.

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Broader Perspective

The breakfast is not just a morning food to gulp in and rush to the work; rather it is one of the most researched topics and carries a wider perspective. The following paragraph shall be putting the broader perspective of this morning time food at a glance. The name of breakfast was introduced somewhere around the 13th Century and catered to following incentives to be fulfilled all this while.


The health is one of the most sought to the perspective of this entire idea. The breakfast is at times skipped in the name of health, but the true picture of the side is that it actually provides the best health. It can be seen as a healthy stuff for the people of all the ages irrespective of their gender and considering few other factors.

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The building factor of the human body is the nutrition and is required in certain quantity for every organ of the human working system. The breakfast can be used as a medium to fulfil this demand of desired nutrition and various components of the balanced diet. Thus to manage the desired nutrition, the balanced diet is much required.

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With the change in the time, the number of body conscious people has seen a rise and getting the attractive designs have come up as the new cool. This can be very well attained by a decisive breakfast that caters to the required body demands of any human.

Variable entity

The nutritive demands of individuals are varying as per their age, body structure, type of work and even the mental balance. The food, being acted upon by the digestive juices can be seen in the reference of the above mentioned features. The design and the setup of the same, delivers an idea of the kind of requirements one is entitled to. A comparative analysis by age in regard to the importance of breakfast can be accounted for in the following ways


The growing age of the children is something that subject the, to the breakfast and they shall be one of the centralized group to be subjected to the same.

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Body growth

The body growth of children in this stage of life requires a lot of balanced diet and high value of nutritive food to contribute to the body development of the kids.

Mental growth

The maximum mental growth occurs by the age of 5 in human life. Though a large part of the mind is inherited, but the developed brain can’t be simply ignored.


The adulthood can be seen as the working time where the individuals are expected to put up the work efficiently. The reasons for adults to have breakfast can be seen as below


The working class is supposed to devote time and commitment and this requires a lot of energy and mental stiffness. The verdict is loud and clear, one shall maintain breakfast cycle to maintain the efficiency.


The continuous sitting for hours tests the durability of an individual which, of course, requires a stable healthy diet. This pushes in the need of the healthy breakfast.

Senior Citizen

The old age is seen as the second childhood and following the chart, the body and mind at this stage of life requires diets in the limited yet effective domain.

Body Balance

Being prone to ailment, the old aged people require a healthy breakfast to maintain the body balance and fine circulation of the food materials among the internal body systems.

Bones and muscles

The bones and muscles, naturally, weaken and this can be controlled by the effective diet and surely a better breakfast. The calcium content shall be most sought to fulfil this entire concept.

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Many writers, doctors and experts have even claimed the breakfast to be an answer to 40-50 percent of the diseases. ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ and a healthy body is owned by a healthy breakfaster. Thus, the idea is pretty much simple, no matter what age you are; no one cares for the gender you belong to or whatever the constraints you are subjected to, Breakfast is a key to a healthy and a long life.

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