How to increase Blood in Body by fruits

Blood, the most vital element and its importance is know to everyone. Our everyday diets adds to the production of it. But Fruits play a major role in building our body and there intake helps in the increment of the blood flowing.

Iron, which variety of fruits provide, is the most crucial element essential for blood building and rise. Below mentioned is a summarized chart with iron content in fruits to increase blood in body by fruits.

Name of the Fruit Iron Content
1. Sun-dried tomatoes 2.7 mg
2. Apricots, dehydrated 0.4 mg
3. Raisins 3 mg
4. Persimmons, raw 2.5 mg
5. Mulberries, raw 1.7 mg
6. Dates 1 mg
7. Currants 1 mg
8. Prunes 0.9 mg
9. Pomegranate 0.3 mg
10. Watermelon 0.2 mg
11. Carrot 0.3 mg

Some of the highlighted fruits with their nutrient enrichment factors and components are mentioned below:-

tomato Blood in Body by fruits

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

100 g of sun-dried tomatoes contains around 2.7 mg of iron thus a healthy intake of the same provides a good 50 % of the body iron for the day. Any form of tomato—fresh, cooked, stewed, canned, or others are also a relatively very high source of iron, antioxidants (lycopene), Iron, vitamin c, potassium, fibre, vitamin A , vitamin B6 for promoting radiant, beautiful skin and healthy organs.

Indian goose berries by fruits

Indian Gooseberries

Indian Gooseberries or commonly known Amla is also one of the richest fruits that have a major role in blood building. As an Ayurvedic remedy it also raises the platelet count along with the vitamin C content that helps boost the immune system along with platelet counts. It can be taken in raw form, amla juice to homemade jam or pickles.

dried apricots for blood

Dried Apricots

Rich in iron, vitamin B6, potassium , fibre, magnesium, vitamin A, dried apricots are not only delicious but one of the greatest source of iron and antioxidants that highly promote beauty and health. Available all the year around in variable fresh to dried form they are a great iron and fibre rich fruit to increase blood in body by fruits.

Oranges and kiwi for blood

Oranges and Kiwi 

Oranges and kiwi are a powerful oxidant and rich source of Vitamin C that increases the platelet count and prevents free-radical mediated damage of the platelets.



As a great source of magnesium, calcium, potassium, fibre, iron, vitamin B6, Raisins or dried grapes have higher iron content than many other fruits. Every 1/2 cup of raisins contains 1.6mg of iron.

persimmon fruit for increasing blood


Persimmons, an orange-coloured fruit means ‘food of the gods’ and national fruit of Japan are great antioxidants and high vitamin C, iron, and other nutrients containing fruit that has a high ability to raise blood in body by fruits.

papaya increase blood in body bu fruit


Papaya fruit and its leaves magically increase the low platelet count within minimum time span. The intake of the fruit can be done in the ripe form or in the papaya juice form.

mulberries for increasing blood


Mulberries available in three varied colours: red, white, and black are the super foods rich in iron to increase the body hemoglobin levels.

dates fruit


Dates known as the symbolic font of Saudi Arabia, is the highest vitality and growth source for energy and high nutrition content. These cholesterol-free, low fat fruit increases blood in body by fruits as an ample source of iron that increases hemoglobin levels in blood.



Prunes are plums sun – dried naturally or processed with dehydration through high fibre and beneficial nutrients content that are highly rich in raising the body blood count.



Pomegranate is the #1 recommended fruit for all blood-related illnesses, including iron deficiency, anaemia, etc due to the ‘punicalagins’ compounds found in it. Highly potential to heart and blood vessels it helps with every blood rise factor in the body.

carrot for blood


A cup of carrot juice provides about 6% of the Daily Value of iron. Carrot juice is also a natural source of vitamin C, making the iron from carrots even more healthier and beneficial to increase blood in body by fruits.


With just a simple inclusion of these fruits, you can definitely increase blood in body by fruits in the simplest ways.
The main objective of the article is to make a knowhow for the increasing blood count in the body and decrease the blood loss related issues in the body.
Getting a healthy body with the high order blood levels is now just a few fruits based exercise with the above mentioned list of iron rich fruits.

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