What Long Distance Relationship advice you need to know?

Long Distance Relationship Advice– Say it family or friends, you have always received a precautionary note on its workability!!

“Long Distance Relationship Never Work Out” – has been the freakiest dialogue everywhere, you tried discussing it. You have always been alarmed at the heartbreaking consequences it may arise, threating you every time you thought about it.

But, still fallen into one or need a real long distance relationship advice?

long distance relationship

We don’t say it’s easy, when you are poles apart, but believe me it’s not impossible. Other than the love tips to follow, you just need to cover the extra distance between you two.

Here are some quick tips and tricks framing Long distance relationship advice, that will surprises the changes in your relationship-

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Communicate and not Over-Communicate

Don’t become a stress for each other to handle. Just communicate to bridge the distance in between, rather than building a bridge by being over-possessive and the usual sticky notes to carry along. It’s not the quantity of time you spend communicating, rather it’s the quality of meaningful talks you make. Remember, even sunrays take just 8 minutes to travel to the earth.

Never take things (too) personally

Don’t try indulging into personal commenting sessions, firstly. In case you get into one, try keeping yourself cool and never take things too personally. Keep it fun and make sure your partner also does the same.

relationship-advice Opposite Poles Attract

Remember the theory that opposites attract. Take LDR as a positive platform offering the same chance for your relationship. If you can understand each other, being apart, you will definitely do the same when you decide to be together.

Plan something together, even being distance-apart

Plan any mutual activity together, together, irrespective of being distanced apart. It could be a small telephonic conversation with a video-call at a particular time or even the candy crush game, as mutually decided. This will stimulate the feeling of togetherness.

Express expectations and set common protocols for each other

Your partner will not mind listening and fulfilling your expectations, so won’t you. Feel free to express you expectation grounds and follow the protocols, once decided, mutually like the expected commitment level, time, etc.

You know it is uncertain, but you can handle

Uncertainty is the greatest driving factor for long distance relationship advice. When you are kilometres apart, the feeling of uncertainty drives you crazy. Don’t let this happen, be optimistic and discuss about things with your partner for solutions, rather than pondering alone and making opinions.

Decide the common goal

Don’t forget to decide on the common goal, both of you wish to stick to. Once decided, make sure to take care that you don’t fall apart in the goal attainment. This will make you feel mutually attached to each other. Eventually, every couple wants to settle down together, so work on the same, but remember it should always be mutual and not forced and one-sided.

Surprise or planned visits to each other will be the perfect icing on the cake

Living distance apart, make the visit to each even more desirable. It adds life to your love life and relationship. Try and make as frequent visits as you can to each other. Remember, each time you see each other; it’s the feeling of love at first sight and you will be delighted to stand face-to-face.

Spend personal time with friends and family

Enjoy and let your partner also enjoy their personal time with their friends and family, rather being an intruder. Your partner is happy with you, but they will be more than happy if you let them be themselves.

long distance relation advice Honesty is the best policy

Always remember that a relationship stands its workability on the reins of honesty. Never cheat or make a two-time with your partner, thinking it is just a fun activity. Each time you do so you are playing with the integrity of your relationship.

Make your Daily Schedules mutually

This can work best if have the complete trace of each other’s daily schedule. Don’t overdo on scheduling, but try keeping it favourable to both of you, so as to help each other’s easy availability.

Idea of personalized gifting

Your idea of personalized or customized gifting always works. Record a CD in your voice or make an AV of the last visit you made for each other. Collages or mug-printing, with some of your memorable photos, can also be one of the greatest ideas.

Love letters still work!

Yes, you read it correct, handwritten love letters, cards or emails do work today. In fact, they have a higher degree of nailing the other side with an immense love expression.

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Frequent family and friends updating

Don’t keep loose on updating each other on friends and family, as a vital piece of long-distance relationship advice. It could be anything and everything you wish you share with them. In this simple attempt you unknowing make them a part of your world. They feel a sense of belongingness with this simple act of yours.

♥  Pet names are still “CUTE”!

Create cute pet names for each other. Just remember, it should not be something that irritates then, rather something that brings a smile on their face.

Don’t be a sniffer or poky partner

Nobody likes people sniffing and poking their nose in their personal affairs, so doesn’t your partner. Give them their personal space and you will see the miraculous results. Don’t poke them on something they don’t wanna share, just believe they will tell you if it is really needed to be disclosed.

Now you know surviving the LDR is not that difficult or tedious. You just need to pay attention to each other when really needed. It’s not the distance that dismantles goodness in a relationship, but the person, themselves.

Your real catalyst for healthy and budding long distance relationship is your urge to keep things simple and transparent.

!!!So, just keep it simple silly!!!

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