Men’s: How to Live a Healthy Sex life?

Men’s sexual health has received quality insights as well as inputs in the centuries from the past. The ancient med scholars and practitioners of repute have devoted a significant part of their mental pursuits towards the discovery of natural compounds and herbs that can aid and rejuvenate men sexual capabilities. The result is that a good deal of literature and indigenous knowledge is available either organized or scattered in the cultural traditions. Of the modern paradigms, the net is serving valuable information about men’s sexuality and issues. However, it is the sheer irony that more number of factors have now emerged to distort sexual health and calibers of today’s men!

healthy sex life

With problems and inconsistencies emerging thoroughly as far as men’s sexual health is concerned, more and more of them are looking out for the strategies and escorts. The awareness quotients are also up, especially in the educated societies who want to explore more of sex! Let’s see how you as  a MAN can lead a healthy sex life–

Prevention is always better than cure. Try to avoid a course in your daily life that has a tendency to pull down your sex graph before time.

Ensure that you remain healthy and toned up physically!

Physical health is the key to sexual health, including your sex organs. Only a healthy man can work out well and fulfill the desires of his lady! A healthy body is ensured through two very basic life tasks. These are ‘exercise’ and ‘diet’.

  • Exercise: Through the ages exercising, has been regarded by the male society as the way to build up muscles. However, you don’t need to be a body builder type to engage in healthy sex life with your partner. The exercising orientation to be discussed here is of the type of minimum activity that is actually required to keep you buoyant and active in your sex life. This has emerged necessary in view of the sedentary rather cozy lifestyles that most of the urban men today engage in. The permanent life sluggishness contributes negatively in that your body undergoes a constant yet very slow phase out of the nerves and blood vessels. However, a sexual activity demands a little more from your body and senses and the same is then not available! The theory is that you should never let your body get idle beyond a natural limit.

Therefore, you should have moderate workouts for at least three times a week.

  • Diet: Mother Nature has bestowed upon us a vibrant delicacy in terms of the colorful and diverse foods that we consume to remain fit and healthy. The regional cultures around the world have engaged brilliantly well in developing quality and healthy cuisines that differ from region to region, but successfully serve the prime health needs of the human body! The reason for discussing this cultural facet under sexuality is to let you know of the fact that you should never shy away from your traditional cuisines. These are the best companions and health escorts that you can depend upon freely and reliably for life! A healthy sex life is possible only when you are overall healthy.


The parallel track? – Most people while deviating from the traditional cuisine develop fancies for junk Fooding and/or fringe assurances like from dry fruits, fruits, aphrodisiacs alone to gain a new level in their sex life. Remember that such natural delights have augmentative benefits rather than basal!

Keep your stress level within the required and safe limits–

stress in sex lifeStress is the natural and necessary adjunct of human life! However, the rising stress in personal lives is very intricately linked to subdued sex lives of men. Stress hormone cortisol pulls down testosterone – the sex and masculinity booster! Therefore, you should always try and control stress stemming from your personal and office lives and tag it to minimum to remain sexually buoyant and appealing towards your lady.

Learn mind control!

Sexuality could be physical in its manifestations, but sex is a mind game! Try to learn intricate control during intercourse and have concern for your partner. Learn the complexities and keep on improving. This will boost your confidence as well as libido!

Say no alcohols, smoking and drugs

Smoking and alcohols have retrograde effects as for your sexual health and stamina. These agents cause gradual weakening of the nerves and blood vessels in general including sex organ. Intoxicating drugs are a further disaster for your sex life!

Keep pornography as secondary

pornography in sex life

It may be seen as a bedtime fancy to engage in, but the same has psychological implications for men libido. The more you indulge in it, the more you deviate from your normal sexual pursuits. It is kind of ‘distortion through fancies’ that actually are not designed by Nature to be really experienced by any human! Let passions rule your sex life!

Avoid hi fliers

Don’t ever engage in male sex booster formulations available over the counter. While many of them could not be safe; most of these have adverse consequences too, as far as your senses are concerned.

Look out for early help

In case of any possibility of any STD building up or any physical inconsistency in your sex life, consult a qualified sexologist at once. Never hesitate or delay it!


These were some of the basic ideas that were collected as for delivering some fundamental insights into men’s sexual health issues and to help out from their sex life rigidities that are creeping easily in today’s life.

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