Older man, younger woman – How to make your Relationship Work

Every woman desires to date a guy who is older than her, at least once. But why?

Several surveys claim that women love being around older men because they feel that these men are relatively more independent, free and most of all, quite a lot experienced.

So, if you’re dating an older guy, or intend to, here are some relationship advices that are going to keep your bond stronger than ever.

age difference realtionship1. Be Yourself

The first step to making any relationship work is to be yourself. Don’t shy away from accepting how you are and coming out in the open about it. Don’t just pretend to be someone you are not, because you’d not only be fooling your partner, but yourself too.

Since the relationship has a partner who is older than the other, both should learn to accept each other’s views on life and lifestyles in order to lead a happy life. These minute differences in opinion should be taken positively and duly accepted by each partner.

2.  Communicate

Possibly the only way of making a relationship work  and converting it into a lifetime of commitment, especially the one when the man is older than the woman, lies in the power of communication of thoughts and opinions. No relationship, absolutely no-one, can work if it hasn’t been built on the base of exchanging ideas. No matter how early it is or how long you’ve been together, talking it out always help.

Now that you have a partner who is older than you, you must understand that he must be having a better experience of dating than yours and that he knows exactly what he wants from your relationship. Thus, talking about what should be the ground rules in the early days can actually help in keeping your relationship healthy as it aids in avoiding routine conflicts.

3. Let bygones be bygones

It is very crucial to understand that your partner is older than you, which obviously means that he must have had a longer view of life and definitely more things lying behind him. Just like he has moved on, you should too.

It is usually hard for women to accept that their partner had the past in dating but this is something that you’d eventually have to pick up. You need to let the history reside in the past and focus on building your present. Attaching yourself to something that happened years ago can only ruin your present situation.

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4. Kill Expectations

All of us tend to expect a lot of things from our loved ones, sometimes realistic targets, and sometimes just wishful thinking. But it is to be understood that expectations in any relationship can do all harm and no good. After all, expectations are nothing but selfish needs that demand to be fulfilled.
Look at any mature relationship and you’d realize that every relationship works great if both the partners limit their expectations. So, to stay in love forever, stop thinking and stop wanting things because surprises are always better than disappointments and immature fights.

5. Trust v/s Insecurity

For any relationship to function, whether it’s friendship or dating, trust sets up the functioning ground. From your darkest secrets to your deepest thoughts, if anything hasn’t been talked over yet, do you really think you can have a future together?

Lack of trust hints towards a relationship killer, which is, insecurity. If you don’t trust your man enough, you would always act as an insecure clingy girl, which is the biggest turn off for any guy.

The key to make your relationship perfect is to show trust and faith in each other and steer away from negative hooks of insecurity.

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