A Perfect Guide to Sex During Pregnancy

With a view to accept one wonderful feeling, you can’t let go another heavenly feeling on the earth. Many women are fearful of having sex during pregnancy. If at all your pregnancy is enveloped with intricate issues, you should consult your practitioner and comprehend elementary ways of having sex in the course of pregnancy. Your husband, with whom you have shared great memories suddenly, receives ignorance from you. Sex during pregnancy helps the couple to maintain the intimacy between them.


How to guide for doing sex during pregnancy.

Is sex regarded safe while you are pregnant?

Sex is regarded safe during pregnancy till you are leading a healthy pregnancy. Most of the to be parents are scared from making love considering the harm caused to baby or mother herself in terms of vaginal infections. At the time of pregnancy, a mucus plug accumulates at the corners of the cervix that acts as a safety guard for your baby. In no way your baby will be bothered of whatever functions are taking place in your vagina. Incase if you have frequent complaints of cervical issues, bleeding or weak placenta, then it is advisable to consult with the doctor first.

As per the recent research and investigation, it has been observed that women undergoing regular sex during pregnancy are less likely to deliver premature babies. Make sweet and vibrant love with your partner to boost your love life and Keep it going throughout the pregnancy. An appeasing sex at this juncture will strengthen your relation and prevents your partner from developing an ignorant feeling.

Safe & Sound Sex Positions during pregnancy

You must have experienced any and every sex position while you weren’t pregnant. That would have been a delightful moment. However, that moment can be relished now as well provided, you follow the safe sex positions. You might have to explore new positions and experiment. Undergoing intercourse with your partner leading you from the top is likely to arise an uncomforted situation especially in the early days of pregnancy. Your bumps might have mild or severe pain depending upon your pregnancy and your breasts being tender and sore will not provide any satisfaction to your husband. Additionally, if your partner inserts too intensely then it may cause slight bleeding and trouble. The best way to enjoy this period is lay down with your sides facing each other or let your partner follow you from behind. Either of them can boost your sex appeal.

When to step aside from performing sex?

Although sex provides a heavenly feeling but there is a point when you need to put a halt on this desire of yours. Frequent visits to your practitioner will give you a glimpse of the kind of pregnancy you are having. The practitioner will advise you to stop sex if he/she senses some complications with your pregnancy.

Heavy vaginal bleeding, low lying placenta, blood clump, cramping, preterm labor or cervix expansion are few of the risk factors that can run the risk of miscarriage. You will be immediately recommended to refrain from sex if your membranes get busted. Continuing sex with damaged membranes can increase the chances of infection. While some people relish-having sex, some are quite fussy during pregnancy. There are numerous other ways of making love with each other rather than getting yourself pushed into forceful sex.

Trimester Wise Sex

This part of the guide will give you more clarity on your sex performance.

First Trimester

It is a very crucial period, which has to be handled tactfully. You have to be careful of choosing your positions. Some positions may have to be negated for the time being till your little one arrives in the world. Pressurizing on your bumps will bother your fetus.

Second Trimester

This phase of pregnancy lets you relish to the fullest. Keeping the fact still alive that aggressive sex is totally negated, you can experience the sexual pleasure by using sex toys. Sex toys like vibrators are not regarded dangerous during pregnancy. However, you need to ensure yourself of refraining the use of items that can cause pain. You feel more enthusiastic in second trimester.

Third Trimester

By this time, your tummy must have grown to the fullest. If you still have the passion in you and wish for making love with your partner. Allowing him to follow from your behind is the best possible option available for you at this juncture. This way your tummy will escape the situation of colliding with your partner.

Since every pregnancy has a different story to tell. It is advisable for women to consult her practitioner prior to getting involved in love making with her partner. Once you get the heads up for sex performance, go ahead. But do not force yourself, as it’s the matter of your little one.

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