How pregnancy is a gift for woman

Pregnancy serves as the eternal passage of mankind into the future! May seem poetic but this basic process has been designed by Mother Nature as the most intricately carved mission to propel humanity. Considered as a delicate phase in the life of a woman, it has some real benefits involved for the fairer sex. There may be significant buzz in the cosmopolitan gentries about the side effects of pregnancy in terms of a woman’s beauty and looks; med sciences and researches say otherwise!

How pregnancy is a gift for women from god.

Any difficulty in believing the science? Well believe then; for it is the science of Nature and natural evolution. Let’s have insights –

Pregnancy has some real and well substantiated benefits for the prospective mother. Some of the noted ones are –

A build up phase!

Pregnancy is like a build up phase for the female body in the physical sense. The body mechanisms start to enhance on a positive trajectory so as to take care of the developing fetus in all aspects. The Nature has made involuntary interventions that are pre programmed to occur during pregnancy and prepare the female body. This preparation is spread along various biological dimensions. Major of them are –

  • Nutritional makeover! : The female body reprograms to ensure that max proportion of fooding calorie and minerals are secured from the food intake. Well no surprise that an expecting lady feels hungry more often; it is the natural mechanism! So it is all a consistent preparation so that mankind rides out on a healthy pathway!
  • Cardiovascular enhancements: one of the prime carriers of food and nutrition to the developing fetus is the blood. The human body responds during pregnancy and the blood volume is increased by 40-50% of the normal value. This happens steadily during the entire course of pregnancy. Also, the overall heart output is increased by around 50% so that required blood supply is maintained at the placenta that actually supports the growing fetus. All this contributes to cardiac health of the expecting lady.
  • Refined senses: almost all the senses of the expecting lady feel the up regulation and there is a rejuvenating experience! The cortisol is also brought up on a higher note which enhances the lady’s senses to the full.

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Beauty enhancements

Beauties enhancements in the expecting lady are much talked about and are really true to behold! None can escape the charm building up on the face as the glow is magical in the true sense. Well, for the hormones, pregnancy is the turf to play upon positively and beneficially. Estrogen – the beauty hormone witnesses multifold increases during the pregnancy period and bring for the bearer, true beauty addition in the form of glow caused by enhanced blood supplies in the veins of the skin!

Some of the allied developments caused by sex hormones are also significant enough to add beauty quotients. These are –

    • Positive Figure changes – caused mainly by the deposition of fat in the pelvic region of the body (to support the child birth) and the breasts (caused by the enhancements in the pituitary); this really add curves and fullness to your feminine persona!
    • Voice finesse: the voice gets prettier and appealing due to heavy circulation of estrogen that is responsible for ‘sweet 16 changes’ in the girl.


We may be bothered a lot about the looks we wear but the real delights are the relations of life! Birthing is a mankind’s delight bestowed solely upon the fairer sex and is destined with pious purposes of family and social building. For the expecting lady it is a great time to get intimate with her loved ones including her life partner. Such intimacies serve to provide the strong basis for the life in prospects for the couple. Most of the ladies have reported greater and in depth bonding with their life partner during and after birth.

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A further psychological offshoot is that it instills inner confidence into the lady as for planning the future of the baby on the way. ‘Parenthood in waiting’ is a great force that can lift even depressions of life and family. It is a type of rejuvenation that has no substitute. You should never miss this fortune!

  1. Good senses and good sex! – Well, very much true! Senses are the key to orgasms and during pregnancy ladies feel something really great. This has been manifested by the scientific findings (also not to bury a lady’s confession to herself!).
  2. Reduced cancer risk – pregnancy reduces cancer risk by virtue of the hormonal changes that are effected.
  3. Reduced menstrual cramps – post pregnancy, the menstrual cramps incidences are reported to be subdued significantly in the ladies. The hormonal optimizations generate the normal cycles in the future.

These were only few of the benefits that pregnancy brings with it for the bearer. Discover more with your own experiences and share them!

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