Am I Pregnant? How to Know for Sure?

Are you pondering over the sudden changes that have hit your body and mood? Well, it might be a sign of an early pregnancy. Be sure of this unresolved story and reach a position where you can exercise right decisions about your future baby’s health. There are numerous pregnancy symptoms that can enlighten you with your pregnancy. However these symptoms might not be 100% fool proof. Here are some unfailing techniques that can provide faultless pregnancy results.


  1. Remember Your Period Date

There might be a possibility that you have missed your period. If you have a habit of recording your dates, then nothing like that. If not then try and stress your mind regarding the occurrence of your period last time. Relate your period date with the events that had taken place at that juncture. For instance, you might be having a huge function to attend when you got stuck with stubborn periods. Or you were having exams at the time of your period. Alternatively, if you have complaints of irregular occurrence of periods, it is advisable to get pregnancy tests done timely primarily when you are sexually impelling.

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  1. Examine Your Past Actions

Subsequent to analyzing your period date and comprehending the incurrence, accentuate on the harbingers that can lead to pregnancy. Did you perform sex with precautions? Did your partner pull out his organ when the semen was half into you? Have you been taking the birth control pills regularly without any fail? These are some of the essential factors that run the risk of attaining pregnancy. If you are not able to recollect any such hint then it is probably your flight of fancy.

  1. Get Pregnancy Test Done


Living with a doubt in your mind ‘Am I Pregnant’ will not go a long way. Without giving a second thought, get an accurate pregnancy test done. If you are well versed with the techniques of using a pregnancy test, go ahead by performing it on your own. You can also follow the instructions prescribed on the pregnancy test kit. Alternatively, you can get the test performed by a practitioner or doctor for achieving more accurate results. Get a cocksure answer to ‘Am I pregnant’ and make decisions accordingly.

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  1. Consistent Nausea Feeling

Are you encountering consistent nausea feeling? Well there might be high chances of you being pregnant. Undergoing nauseate feeling once or twice does not give a semblance of pregnancy. However, if you are confronting it on frequent basis then it is a sure sign that you are pregnant.  Often this genre of sickness is combined with allergy to strong smelling items like any dish, fruit, drink or even sweets.

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  1. Watch Out Your Urination

Have you been drinking loads of water that demand frequent urination? Obviously no! Even if you drink 3-4 liters of water per day, the quantum of urination will not be as high as at the time of pregnancy. If you have to make frequent visits to your bathroom to pee, then it is again a big sign that you are pregnant. Apart from frequent urination, you will also develop complains regarding constipation, another sign of pregnancy.

  1. Consistent mood swings


Having mood swings on fleeting basis does not mean anything. It might be the reason of your tiff with someone or dislike towards anything that has happened. Encountering consistent mood swings coupled with perpetual frustration or agitation on every small issue is the biggest sign of your pregnancy. Your mood will be easily affected due to hormonal fluctuations and body changes during pregnancy. One moment you will feel low, another moment you might breakout. Do not get scared with such mood swings. It is an obvious phase of pregnancy that will phase out with progressing trimesters.

  1. Experience Dizziness

Last but not the least, pregnancy causes lethargy and dizziness throughout the day or weeks or months. Being a super active woman, if you get a semblance of lethargic attitude, know the fact that you are pregnant. Morning sickness is the most common ailment in pregnant woman that is experienced only during pregnancy. An unusual fatigue, incessant vomiting, sleepy demeanor and irritation’ all lead to true signs of being pregnant. The dizziness will last throughout your pregnancy. However, with each trimester, the effect of dizziness will slow down.

The above mentioned techniques are some of the effective techniques which if followed properly can provide accurate and correct results of weather are you pregnant or not. Be sure of your pregnancy and take appropriate decisions to carve out a perfect future for your baby and you. Get your heart and mindset prepared and give your pregnancy a heads up. Enjoy this golden period and welcome your little graciously as he hits the world.

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