Starting 9 Weeks of Pregnancy from the Women’s diary

You will encounter hormonal change throughout your pregnancy with undefined mood sings, vomiting, nausea and backache. Let’s see what the first 9 weeks of pregnancy have in store for you and your baby.

How Pregnancy is a gift for woman

Your Baby’s Growth during the First 9 Weeks

Your baby is considered to be an embryo at this stage, which goes up till a height of a berry. Yes, just one inch long weighing nearly a grain. He gains all the human features but with upcoming months, his features and body parts will be more prominent. His heart and teeth are at a developing stage, which are finding room to grow.

  • Other body parts of your baby like muscles, organs and veins are also in the process of growth with complete formation of her eyes covered with eyelids for next 27 weeks.
  • Her mouth, ears and more have taken shape but will be more visible only after couple of months.
  • Since, everything is in place and performing well, your baby is likely to undergo a weight change.

Starting 9 Weeks Of Pregnancy from the Women's diary

Your Experience During The first 9 weeks

Gone are the days when you were alone and had no one to take care of. With the pregnancy into action, you have one more precious life inside you that is of utmost importance to you. Undoubtedly, you will have a beautiful experience with the motherly feeling and winsome care from your husband. However, your body will be vulnerable to certain hormonal changes causing you the following symptoms:

1. Tiredness

Since you have a life inside, totally accountable for your love and care. Escaping his presence is out of the question. Developing the fetus inside you is a herculean task as it exerts more pressure thereby leaving you tired at the end of the day. Your heart beats faster, your body puts pressure to nurture your little one and your blood flow takes a sharp speed.

All this contributes to a tiresome journey. It is a crucial period and working out inessentially might lead to miscarriage. Delegate your household work to a sweeper or hire a maid for a while.


2. Snoozy And Sluggish

Do not get worried if you get a semblance of being somnolent. Increased levels of progesterone and estrogen hormones in your body bring the drowsiness in you. Your body undergoes extreme changes during pregnancy, which puts pressure on your body causing exhaustion. It is imperative to catch hold of a quick nap whenever possible to keep yourself strong and stored. Increased tiredness increases the risk of high blood pressure and irritation.


3. Increased Urination

The quantum of urination increases as the growing fetus expands your cervix thereby putting thrust on to your gall bladder. As a result, your pregnancy gets you entitled to frequent washroom visits. The changes in hormones namely progesterone and hCG encourages a speedy flow of blood circulation to the pelvic area causing stubborn bladder inflammation.


4. Vomiting And Nausea

Vomiting and nausea are the first indication of pregnancy. Majority of pregnant women suffers from this malady throughout their pregnancies. Pregnancy brings physical and hormonal changes inside your body that leads to such unpleasant experience of having vomiting and nausea. Irregular vomiting might be frustrating for you as it interrupts your routine life and work, but it is considered to be healthy and significant as far as your baby’s growth and development are concerned.

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Consisting vomiting and nausea may not be a good sign for you and your baby. It is highly recommendable for you to consult your practitioner on the accounts of facing a consistent ill health.

5. Enlarged Breasts Size

With drastic changes in your physical and hormonal aspects and high pressure on your breasts to build milk preferably colostrum for your little one, your breasts will experience a fuller size. Additionally, the consistent and speedy blood supply to your breasts will double the size of your nipples and areola. Your breasts skin color will change from seductive pink to dark, which will last during the pregnancy only. Get ready to maintain inventory of varying bras to support your varying breast sizes. You must also read article the on choosing your outfits during the pregnancy periods.


6. Frequent Visits To Your Practitioner

Since, first 9 weeks of pregnancy is very crucial, undergoing regular check ups up till 28 weeks will keep you on the right track. You can lay control on to any complication that has occurred or likely to occur in the future. If you feel restless or dissatisfied, you may increase the quantum of your visits as per your feasibility. Don’t forget to pen down questions that have been torturing you throughout. Get your mind totally clear in terms of your and your baby’s health and pregnancy complications.


Starting 9 weeks of pregnancy will make you accustomed to the rest of your remaining pregnancy. Go with the flow and let your parenthood experience the maternity journey.

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