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Alcoholism or being addicted to alcohol is undoubtedly one of the biggest threats that most drinkers face. However, understanding when the safe line gets crossed from drinking moderately to excessively is yet another difficult job altogether. In case you regularly keep drinking alcohol due to common issues or simply drink for avoiding feeling bad, then it can be high time to check out for some other signs as well that can easily denote your increasing alcohol addiction. Thus to further help you out and to let you be aware, here are some of the signs that can show your alcohol dependence.

symptoms of alcohol addiction

Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

  • Symptom 1- Tolerance– If you keep craving for alcohol for feeling relaxed or if you can actually drink quite a lot more than the others just too easily or if you feel the need to drink to get the buzz, then it’s time for you to get alert. Each of these are symptoms of tolerance, that can easily be some of the early signs of your alcohol dependence. The term tolerance is used in the sense that you constantly are in need of more for feeling the same effects.
  • Symptom 2-Withdrawal-In case you check out that you constantly need to drink for keeping those shakes steady in the morning, or if you check out that you need to drink for avoiding or for relieving withdrawal, then this is can be a serious major red flag. When you keep drinking on a regular or a daily basis, your body actually gets accustomed to the alcohol intake and soon your body reacts to it when it’s taken away, thus showing withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms include the following ones:
  1. Trembling,
  2. Anxiety,
  3. Depression,
  4. Fatigue,
  5. Insomnia,
  6. Nausea,
  7. Headache
  8. Irritability and
  9. Loss of appetite.

In some of the cases when the addiction becomes quite a lot more severe, the respective patient can also experience seizures, hallucinations, fever, confusion and agitation. It is important to note that these symptoms can be actually quite a lot more dangerous and the respective heavy drinker should consult a doctor on an ASAP basis.

Apart from these two major signs of Tolerance and Withdrawal, there are some other signs and symptoms as well. These include the following:

  • Losing control over drinking-This involves you drinking more than often and longer than required. It also includes unable to control yourself from drinking, in spite of you wanting to stop or to avoid drinking altogether.
  • Giving up other stuff only for the sake of drinking– In case you notice that you tend to give lesser time to other general stuff like hanging out with friends or spending some quality time with your family, it’s high time to get a check on yourself.
  • Alcohol taking up most of your energy, concentration and focus– This is yet another symptom that involves you to think about alcohol or waiting to drink it. When you are focusing more on alcohol, you also tend to lose interest in any social activities or may involve you to develop lesser hobbies or interests.
  • In spite of knowing the harm, you keep drinking– This has been one of the most significant symptom that can clearly tell you about your alcohol dependence. You know how that alcohol is actually harming your system, you also want to quit it, but somehow just can’t. Another major red sign to check a doctor ASAP.

Real life Facts Facts that prove you an Addict

  • You tend to drink even in risky situations like driving a car.
  • You feel guilty often soon after drinking.
  • In spite of knowing that drinking is harming your relationships, you just cannot quit.
  • You drink even in the morning.
  • You experience regular blackouts or temporary memory loss.
  • You feel the need to drink even for sleeping.

Break the myths

All along these, you must also ensure that you believe none of the myths that surrounds the symptoms of alcohol addiction. Some of these myths that need to be busted straightway include the following:

  • alcohol addictionMyth 1-As long as I want, I can stop drinking anytime- It is possible that you can, but chances are higher that you just can’t. The honest fact is that you simply are looking up for an excuse to keep on drinking.
  • Myth 2-It’s me who is getting harmed; my drinking doesn’t hurt others- Of course it you who are drinking, but at the same time you are also deceiving yourself. Alcohol dependence actually affects everyone surrounding you and the closest ones is the most vulnerable to your addiction.
  • Myth 3-I don’t drink on a daily basis/ I drink only wine or simply beer, that doesn’t make me alcoholic- Alcohol dependence doesn’t know what you are drinking or how much you are drinking. Its effects and symptoms are the primary issues. In case your drinking problem is seen to be affecting others, yes, you have been addicted to alcohol and the chaos associated with it.
  • Myth 4-I’m not addicted to alcohol because I am doing okay with my job- Alcohol dependence doesn’t check if you are a homeless or a poor man. Many of the popular alcohol addicts had successful careers while being addicted to the alcohol.
  • Myth 5-Drinking is not quite like a real addiction like drugs- Alcohol is a drug and so its addiction. The withdrawal symptoms can actually be quite similar to the drugs.

So in case you check out any of these symptoms or in case you believe in any of these myths, it’s time for you to take some real action.

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