How to take your Relationship to the Next Level

Relationship is a jigsaw puzzle, you dare to speak your mind, rather apprehends to tell him or her about subtle feelings. You do not know how will he or she react to your sudden proposal. Either be optimistic is the best way to tackle the love situation, she or he will definitely answer you positive. When you are brimming with love, add a bit sugar to make it tastier.

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.

Now there are various stages of a relationship, the first stage when you two met and started to date. But after dating for quite some time, it really becomes vital to rethink about the relation and taking it to the next level. Many of you are fanatically flummoxed about the commitment leaving those, the rest is quite sure of their relation, for them it is a hotcake of life which they hanker to enjoy with full effervescence.



Now taking to the next level is completely argumentative and contextual some will say taking vows to each other legally and accepting him or her in front of the society. While others will affirm on making a long time commitment. Instead of picturing a sapient tone love, make it colorful and ever charming.

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Although the process takes place automatically when two people are in profound love, but in some case an external push is quite necessary. In this context, you will have to make out time and propound the matter to your partner. Now you have to be more pushy to make your relation fruitful and working.

Throw a cocktail party, serve the guests with their favorite brunches, and officially declare your love.

It really needs you to be bumptious to do so, but the gallants never step back they are always ahead of time especially, when the love clock is ticking.

Here are some steps which will you make you bold and help you to proceed with your relation and make you taking it to the next level without any confrontation.

  • Clear to yourself;

The first step you should ask yourself whether you actually love your partner or not. In case, if your heart signals you okay, just proceed to broach your love. Aside these, you need to clarify certain things about your mental disposition. Most importantly, you should have the power to accept things lightly so that you can easily make it for taking it to the next level.

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  • Congenial as a partner:

Holding the hands sauntering along the parks, sharing romantic glances is not the only phase you will face in a love relationship prior roping into any commitment make sure that you have chosen the correct one to fit your bill. Primarily when you are mentally and physically donned up to kick start your relation, an unknown inhibition bind you somewhere. It is none other than the disquietude feeling whether the person you have chosen is ready to goad the relation in the perfect way you have dreamed of. Try to recover from such discomposure by instigating him or her to meet your friends and family members. Actually, this meeting helps the other person to judge your partner and get a note on the mental insights. Definitely this will help you decide to taking it to the next level.

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  • Where do you want to talk;

Sometimes it happens that when you are ready to bang your sweetheart with the conversation which starts that you anticipate a lot from the relation or you accept him or her more than just a dating partner. Then it is a pinch to make him or her understand your intentions. Be cloud and clear about the place where you want to carry out the discussions. If you feel a bit embarrassed to talk in front of your elders, then you can arrange a chatting place somewhere else other than your place. To empower your love make a lovely ambiance, a sylvan environment will embark your wish for taking it to the next level.

  • Praise each other:

Getting hitched to a perfect relation is the most anticipated wish for all. But banking on the wrong partner destroys the charm of the most beautiful relation on this earth. You need to liberal enough to support and cheer your partner in everything. Support her or him in the work life, praise to play guitar, or write a book. This will intensely make you  feel great that the person you choose to see the rising sun is the one who applauds you in every move. Wont be rigid enough to hurt you with his or her super -ego attitude. Both on the professional and personal front , you will love to portray yourself as the most happiest and successful person who would love to share the platform with his partner. Now you won’t be dubious about your commitments.

  • Never force your idea:

Stubbornness is the most unexpected behavior in a human being, You cannot be too forceful when you are in a relationship. You have an idea , you love him or her is definitely the most happening issue which changed the course of your life. But it is not necessary that the same waves will touch his or her heart. All are different individuals so you have to accept that quite seriously. It might happen that you proposed to your idea about taking it the next level. Just wait and watch about the other person’s reply do not be assertive, and never start your gaga, let him or her think about the step.

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If you wish to start your love, camaraderie with your beloved dating partner. Just plunge into the relation with your commitments to taking it to the next level, vouched diligently to make up to that, be neutral and let him or her decide the best.

Indeed, relationship is a game of cards, if your lucky enough then card will give you the chance for taking it to the next level.

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