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“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”.

A beautiful person is not only an owners pride, but also a joy to look at. One simply cannot deny the fact that a beautiful hair enhances the look of an individual and makes one more attractive than before. Many stylists insist that people with a rich black thick hair are blessed, as a lot can be done in terms of styling and decoration.  People with shiny black hair are blessed as not only can one spot a good haircut, but also they can try various hair do that can complement various occasions and as per various looks.

tips for shiny black hair

Tips for  Shiny Black hair that you can try at home

Oil Regularly:

The importance of applying oil on your hair can never be underestimated. If your mother used to run behind you with a can of oil to oil your mane during your childhood, then please thank her for the same as it has helped your hair to grow and nurtured it. Our precious hair is nothing but dead cells that are constantly exposed to heat, pollution and sunlight. As a result, our hair is constantly exposed and gets damaged quicker as compared to our skin.

The only way we can combat the ill effects of overexposure is by applying oil on the scalp. One can make hair shiny by applying oil on their hair for an hour and the following it up with a turban therapy.

The turban therapy helps to open the pores in our scalp and allows the oil to seep into the hair roots that strengthens the hair from the core. Moreover, the hair benefits of a multiple level basic right of strengthening the hair with nourishing it to retaining its color and so on.

What oil to use?

There are various oils that one can use. The age old remedy is to use a concoction of castor oil and coconut oil on a regular basis that can make hair shiny. Apart from these tested oils there are various aromatherapy oils easily available in the market that are known to be beneficial in hair growth and making it stay healthy.

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You can check with an aromatherapy specialist to suggest certain aroma oils that can help you combat your hair related issues and concerns. Say, if you have a tendency of getting boils on your scalp, then you can add a few drops of tea tree oil to ensure that the issue is addressed.

Does hair packs work?

Just application of oil is not enough; you will also have to apply a hair pack to keep them healthy. The hair packs are excellent tips for shiny black hair. You can mix a combination of ingredients like yoghurt, eggs and so on to keep your hair to the best of health.

You can mix a combination of ingredients like yoghurt, eggs and so on to keep your hair to the best of health. There are many companies that are reputed and offer pre-packed hair pack that can be purchased over the counter and easily applied on the scalp.

However, if you are thinking of benefiting the most then ensure that you make a natural hair pack complete with Amla and hibiscus leaves. There are ingredients that can make hair shiny and also help you retain the rich black color of the hair. You can also apply henna, but the henna pack has a tendency of leaving a stain on the hair that can change the color.

Protect hair from Sunburn:

Yes, you heard us right just like the exposure of skin to sunlight makes the skin tone, similarly Exposure of hair to sunlight leads to damage and sunburn of hair. There are a few products available in the market to help you combat that. You can use a hat or scarf to cover your hair when stepping out in the sun for long hours. This is a must if you are visiting a beach. Similarly, you also get a sun block serum for hair that can be applied to hair shafts before you step out in the sun. Just as a sunblock cream for hair works the one for hair also works similarly. These safeguards can make hair shiny.

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Does the last rinse work?

Yes, this is a must Tip for  Shiny Black hair. The last rinse is an important and must for good and healthy hair. You can apply beer or vinegar mixed water as the last rinse. You can soak tea leaves overnight, strain it and apply the water to the hair as a last rinse to benefit from it.

The above Tips for  Shiny Black hair if followed regularly will certainly help you in the long run.

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