How, using banana peel for Face, can improve your glow?

We all know the faults in Synthetic products. Therefore, It is very important to ensure you opt for natural ingredients for skin care. One such wonder fruit is a banana that is known to be amazing for your skin and hair. This wonder fruit is not only good to eat, but also good to apply. If you want to know its importance, read the ayuverda and you will be astonished to see its advantages.

Wonders of Banana on Skin

Banana Peel for Face:

Apply the banana peel on the face and you will be surprised that it is one of the most beneficial and mild forms of face scrub. The banana peel is slightly coarse in nature and also rich in oil and nutrients. Those who regularly apply Banana Peel for Face are known to swear by it. There are various kinds of scrubs that are easily available in the market, but the benefits that one can derive from a natural scrubber like a banana peel is unimagined. Apart from scrubbing clean the peel is also mild and gentle on your delicate skin, ensuring that it is not damaged.

Banana for skin care:

If you suffer from a dry skin syndrome and thinking of a way to combat that without damaging the skin than opt for a Banana for skin care. This wonder fruit is known to be rich in nutrients and is filled with essential oils that are beneficial for the skin.

The banana face mask is a simple face mask that is made by mixing mash banana paste with chickpea flour and a few drops of yoghurt or honey.

Banana is extremely helpful in getting rid of the dryness on the skin and making it look moisturized. If you have oily skin you can then also apply a Banana for skin care but in such case you will not add yoghurt and honey instead you can add a few drops of aromatherapist oil or lemon juice. The banana pulp helps to close pores, clean the face, tighten pores and also make it look supple.

Banana facemask for acne:

If you suffer from oily skin, then generally you have a tendency of abstaining from applying banana pulp on your skin, as it is rich in oil. Those who are suffering from acne, try to stay as far from the banana pulp as possible. However, in reality it is a boon for acne prone skin. The Banana face mask for acne is known to not only help in combatting the acne bouts, but also the secret ingredients of banana act like a bleach and lightens the  skin and helps to lighten scars of old acne. Try a Banana facemask for acne and see clean and clear skin for yourself.

Vitamins in banana: Banana is known to be packed with vitamins that are beneficial for the skin and keeps it supple. You can apply Banana Peel for Face or banana pulp in either way you will benefit from the various nutrients packed in the fruit.

Banana treats sunburn:

The nutrients in this fruit have certain enzymes that help to lighten the skin tone and also get rid of the sunburn. The enzymes will also brighten your skin and make it look cleaner ad clearer than before. The enzyme breaks in the skin and works on the skin pigments, making it lighter and fairer.

Does it delay Aging:

You bet, the Vitamin B in bananas helps to delay the process of aging. Apply banana pulp on the skin and the vitamin B will ensure that it works on the skin and makes it look younger, firmer ad brighter than before. Most people associate sagging skin as a sign of aging. Application of banana pulp on skin ensures that the skin remains firm and taut and feels younger and brighter than before. A boon for those who are on the other side of 30’s and have started to take into corporate anti-aging techniques in their skin care regime.

Banana for skin care is an age old remedy that has been vouched for and been established by our bygone generations and this skin care secret is passed from one generation to another as a best skin care practice that those who use on a regular basis indeed benefit from in the long term. Use it and see the difference it makes.

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