6 Ways to Get Rid of Wrinkles on Your Face


Facial Wrinkles can range from the ugly-looking fine lines to the core deep creases that can fold and appear anywhere on your face. Other than the ageing factors, most wrinkles on your face can develop with the repetitive facial expressions. If ignored and cannot be treated on time, such wrinkles can make your face look bad by the passes of time, so here we have some ways to get rid of wrinkles on your face.

1. Apply Retinoids

If you have obstinate creases on the face, the best to get rid of them is apply retinoids which is an effective derivative of Vitamin A. Retinoids help to increase the thickness of your skin and bring it back into the shape by fixing the appearing wrinkles on the skin/face. Start applying it every after night until your skin gets used to it.

2. Radiesse

RADIESSE is a wrinkle filler which is widely used to plump your skin. With the help of a sharp small needle, it’s placed under the skin. Unlike other wrinkle removing methods, Radiesse is more effective and works immediately by adding the required volume under the skin and over the time, the benefits of Radiesse naturally continue to stimulate with the natural collagen of your body. So if you want to have a natural and lasting result with high patient satisfaction, Radiesse is something you should definitely go with.

3. Use Toner

Tone. Tone. Tone- A good toner can help you to remove the impurities building up on your face due to each day’s environmental hazards, hydrates your skin and gradually remove the wrinkles on your face/skin. You can also make it yourself with the mix of rosewater, lemon juice, a right amount of citric acid and Vitamin C.

4. Olive Oil

Olive oil has multiple uses and amazing health and skin benefits.  It has hydrating squalene and anti-ageing antioxidants, which makes olive oil superb for skin, hair and nails. Olive oil is a natural remedy and also helps to reduce the wrinkles on your face and skin. All you have to do is just massage a bit amount of Olive oil on your skin daily before going in the bed. And then clean it with a towel, you will soon experience soft and lissome skin.

5. Use Egg White

You know eggs are healthy and if taken regularly, they can help have a healthy body. But when it comes to skin wrinkles particularly, they can do wonders. So all you have to do is just put some egg white in the bowl and directly apply it on the skin, give a massage of it on the skin and leave it for 15 minutes then wash it with warm water, its’ vitamin B and E will heal those fine lines. With regular use of egg white, you will see improvement in your skin health.

6.  Aloe vera

Aloe vera is highly rich in malic acid which enhances the elasticity of the skin. You should simply take some gel from the Aloe vera leave and gently apply it on your face and skin. Hang tight for 15 minutes and let it get dry and wash it off.  Also, you could blend the aloe vera gel with some nutrient oils and apply it on the skin for a similar impact.

If all these remedies don’t work then you are recommended to consult a skin specialist as early as you can. Consult an experienced dermatologists specialists who will help you to ascertain the right regimen for your individual needs and skin type. A good dermatologist will assess the condition of your skin and can prescribe you the right treatment accordingly.

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