What Does a Doctor Use a Stethoscope to Listen to?

Stethoscopes - what the doctor listens for

The stethoscope is one of the most important and useful medical tools. It has been invented 200 years ago and still, remain same for medical purpose. You have surely seen the stethoscope on a physician’s neck or pocket.

Do you have wanted to know why doctor use stethoscope and what the doctors listen to? If you didn’t, you are in the right place. Today, we will discuss what a doctor uses a stethoscope to listen from patient’s body.

According to a physical, use of a stethoscope is to listen to the sound of patient’s body. It is important to the observer whether the sound is normal or abnormal. Normal sound of blood flow is a good sign of good heart. Therefore, the physicians take the further test if the sound seems to be abnormal.

Some Trouble sounds that a doctor can listen using a stethoscope

There are many types of sounds that your body can generate if your heart is not good. The doctor will use a stethoscope and listen to your body sound. The following types of sounds can be a sign of bad health.

Irregular rhythm

A human body’s blood flow have a rhythm to supply blood throughout the body. The doctors know the rhythm and how it works. Sometimes your body can give extra beat or it can give bouncing or irregular beat all over the time.

It is a sign of irregular rhythm of blood flow. Therefore, it is important to take measurable treatment. According to the physician, it cannot be identified hearing the irregular rhythm. The rhythm can only indicate that there is a problem in patient’s body.

Heart Murmurs

The heart murmur is not a problem of the heart. Sometimes it creates abnormal whooshing sound. It is a bit problematic. So, further tests are required in order to identify the problems.

The abnormal whooshing sound produces when there is a problem in valves. By using a stethoscope, the doctor can easily find which valve is producing the sound. Proper tests can help to identify the potential problem within a short time.

Signs of Congestive Heart Failure

The stethoscope helps to identify the signs of congestive heart failure. The doctors listen the sound of heart and lungs using the stethoscope. Any abnormal sound and fluid in the lungs can indicate heart failure.

Note: The doctors use a stethoscope to examine the body and listen to your body sounds. However, using the tool is not enough to take decision for diagnosis. More tests are required before proceeding to the diagnosis. However, the doctors listen to the sounds to identify whether your body is normal or have the sign of disease.

Technological Tweaks

Now a day, the modern doctors are also using an advanced stethoscope for a check-up. The technologically advanced stethoscope helps to identify efficiently. Basically, the device gives accurate heart sound and reduce noise. As a result, the doctor can listen to the sounds clearly.

The stethoscopes can also be connected with an electrocardiogram. It will help the doctors to listen and watch the rhythm of your heart sound. As a result, the doctors can not only listen to the sound but also see the rhythm quickly.


The doctors listen to the sounds that your heart and other parts make. Listening to the sounds through a stethoscope, the doctors compare to normal sound. It will help the doctors to listen the sound and take a decision. The experienced doctor us only stethoscope, rather than technological tweaks for identifying potential health problems. So, it is an important tool for doctors.

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