What to Eat to Gain Weight Quickly?

Weight gain is as difficult as losing weight. Gaining weight is a tough job for those who are lanky and are quite lean. But like losing weight, gaining weight is also an easy task. Some deductions are required for gaining weight quickly for women, as for some underweight women, it’s a major problem to get even a kilo. It becomes important to know about the important foods to gain weight.

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What to Eat to Gain Weight Quickly



The first thing which has to be strictly followed for gaining weight quickly for women is that the calorie intake has to be increased per day by the usual intake of calories usually consumed. Say, if 3000 calories are consumed every day, it should be increased by at least 500 more calories per day. By the extra intake of the calories, weight gain will be affected quickly and visually the change will be seen.

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Normally the food habits of the people are limited by three meals a day. That is breakfast, lunch and dinner. To gain weight quickly for women especially, food has to be taken as six small meals a day. Eat in every three hours to gain weight quickly. Never starve yourselves to a limit where you just sit and hog on those foods that are kept in front of you. Plan your meal and eat healthy. Avoid eating junk food. These will just add on useless fats for you. And most importantly drink two to three liters of water per day. Include shakes or juices in your diet as well.

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This means that when your time is not right to eat, then indulge yourself with some snacks. For example, in midnight when you are awake and feeling a bit hungry, indulge yourself with a midnight snack or with some fruits or shakes. This gives your body a great boost in a healthy way.

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The list of foods to gain weight is actually quite a long one. All these foods basically help muscles to become stronger.

There are foods which can be included in your diet plan for weight gain. Following is a small list of some of them:

  • Eat salmon fish as it is very good for putting on weight. Since it has good fats in it, it will also be a healthy choice.
  • Eat butter, especially peanut butter, which is high in calories and at the same time good for health. Loaded with carbohydrates, it will also provide you with that energy that women need daily.
  • Buy some Granola bars which are healthy and full of nuts and oats, good for breakfast and snacks too.
  • You can have tuna fish too. Fishes have nice fatty acid that is omega 3, which will definitely help you, put on weight easily and most importantly in a healthy way.
  • Indulge yourself in cheese, which has calories too, and tastes good with anything you cook.
  • Eat shrimps as it has nutritious fatty acids, which keep you healthy.
  • Dry fruits can be eaten in the morning or whenever you crave for it.
  • Add fat to your food by adding some fats like canola or olive oil.
  • Make sure potatoes and rice are definitely included in your diet, especially the white rice.
  • Include some proteins also. Get chicken, cook them, grill them or simply fry them, this is one of the best foods for weight gain.
  • Foods for quick weight gain also include red lean meat and steak. They contain lots of protein and iron in them.
  • Whole fat milk is one of the best foods to gain weight quickly as it has healthy vitamins in it.
  • For healthy fat in your body eat avocado which helps you gain weight quickly.

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It is however not just about food that should be taken care of for gaining weight. There are some exercises also which all women and of course men must try out in order to put on some weight. By eating food a body definitely gains weight, but the muscles need attention too. This is because muscles are denser than the body fat. If these muscles are gained or rather paid attention to, the body weight automatically goes up.

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Some exercises which will help you in building up your muscles to gain weight are:

  • Bench press with barbells
  • Squat with Barbells.
  • Deadlight

So here are the cool and healthy tips which is shared for both men and women who want to gain weight and look good. Be dedicated to yourself and carry on with the good and healthy way of lifestyle you want.

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