What to Wear during your Pregnancy ?

Are you scared of the fact that soon you will have to replace all your sexy outfits with maternity clothes? Not to worry as soon as the idea of smart shopping exists. You are ought to hide your bulging belly but not necessarily with tent like clothes. With few stylish maternity wardrobes, you can look fantastic throughout your pregnancy.

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1. Tunics

If you think you can look as fab as you used to in those short sexy dresses, it is not possible. Having being pregnant gets you a huge tummy with not so attractive hips. With regard to camouflaging all these non
Catchy body issues, you can get yourself well dressed with a tunic. It can go little higher than your hips, all-depending on your height. Tunic enveloped with 3/4th length sleeve with unleashed sides and captivating necklines gives your figure a splendid look in spite of being pregnant.

2. Maxi Dresses

These dresses have come in trend for all sorts of women with varying ages. You can have your hands on to any sort of maxi dresses ranging from bandeau to one shoulder. To hide your changing body structure, you can choose to put on some stylish waistcoat or cardigan. Flaunt your pregnancy with style.

3. Maternity leggings

Look for leggings that have elasticity to support your growing belly and expanding uterus. Straight leg leggings will provide a slenderized look to your legs. Grab some provocative leggings and flaunt your legs.

maternity outfits pregnancy clothes4. Blazer

A smart and stylish blazer can team up with any wardrobe. No matter what you wear inside, a voguish blazer will take care of your beauty enhancement. Exercise your option on choosing the most in vogue blazer amongst the several options available and embroider your looks.

5. Fabulous Scarf

Yes, you are thinking it right. Scarf is not considered as a clothing item but surely a trendy accessory that will help you get rid of your monotonous look. The way a cherry on the cake enhances the look of the cake as a whole. Similarly, a voguish scarf when tied around your neck coupled with a simple wardrobe will complement your look. A scarf can enable you to make every outfit of yours as impressive as ever.

6. Wrap Around

This genre of dress if dressed gives an unparalleled look to your figure. Despite of the pregnancy fact, wrap around dresses will complement your look. It is an evergreen variety of dress that is is opportune to any sort of women- fat, thin, tall, short etc. You can wrap around as per your convenience and as your belly grows larger, you can make feasible adjustments as per your requirements.

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7. Knee length skirts

Buy a deep dark denim knee length skirt to give a graceful look to your legs. Remember the fact of darkness, more the darker your outfit is, more you are likely to provide a slim look. A dark skirt leagued with comfortable yet graceful wedges and a long tunic will take your look to a next level.

8. Color Block Dress

Color block dress is an elegant one piece that combines two different colors in two different proportions. It contains a huge section of one color type complementing the other color type present on the same piece of cloth. Many women do not enjoy packing their breasts and belly within the same color especially when they are pregnant. Color block dress allows them to isolate their breasts from their bulging belly.

9. Striped Top

If you want to get rid of that gigantic look, you shall dress your figure with the horizontal striped lines. During pregnancy, these horizontal stripes will escape your bulging belly from being prominent and also provide suitable trajectory to flaunt your figure.

10. Empire Silhouette

Empire silhouette is a Perfect clothing pattern for pregnant woman. Empire silhouette provides a high waist appearance and accumulated skirt type gathering at the just below your bust. Since the wardrobe is loosely packed, a woman gets a chance to mask her big tummy. The shape of the dress enables you to enhance your appearance.

Few more things to take into consideration while setting your maternity wardrobe:

• Consider buying flexible clothes as they will easily wrap around your body and keep you loose as well.
• Pregnancy brings with it-increased weight and drastic body changes. You will experience more heat in your body. Therefore, go for buying featherweight fabric and floating wardrobe.

Keep your tensed mood aside and get a refreshed glimpse on your face. Set yourself in motion and go shopping for your stylish maternity wardrobe. Quest for some fantastic wardrobes designed to provide you comfort, ease and naturally, enhance your overall appearance. You can look as fabulous as you used to prior to your pregnancy period.

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