Women Health Issues After 9 months Pregnancy

Finally, the time has approached and you have given birth to your little one. The ecstatic feeling might be running down your veins leaving you totally startled. This excited feeling might come along with an array of stubborn health issues that will require a good deal of time to reclaim your health. Weather it is a scission or normal delivery; you cannot expect to get back to normality immediately after delivery.

  Women Health Issues After 9 months Pregnancy

Let us make a quick glance over women health issues that may occur post 9 month pregnancy.

 Women Health Issues After 9 months Pregnancy

  1. Vaginal Spurt

Do not worry if you encounter light vaginal spurts post pregnancy. Immediately after delivery, you will discharge heavy clots of blood, which goes till the time span of ten days. Scanty bleeding thereafter that continues until six weeks. Through vaginal bleeding, your body is releasing the additional blood required to nurture your baby in the time of pregnancy.

It is recommended to consult your practitioner if your bleeding is perpetually heavy even after ten days.

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  1. Breast Engorgement

Your breasts will produce a large quantity of milk namely colostrum for your little one. The breasts will thus experience fuller size combined with tenderness for two to three weeks. Thereafter, your breasts will soften up, reducing to their original sizes. They have said to attain engorgement when they undergo tenderness, swollenness, pain and agitation for a longer time. Such ailment will make it difficult for you to breast feed your baby smoothly. To escape pain and irritation, try and feed your baby in small periods.


  1. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is one of the most common disorders that women be come victim of after pregnancy.  This disorder is the result of weakness in pelvic muscles combined with damage to sacroiliac joint and hip joint. The tissues neighbouring the pelvic floor are likely to expand or contract subsequent to pregnancy which causes agitation in pelvic.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction during pregnancy

If vaginal or normal delivery does not take place in a befitting manner, then you may run the risk of attaining pelvic predicaments. The quantum of pelvic dysfunction is congruent to the number of babies. Presence of low collagen in you’re muscles makes you more vulnerable to disorders and injuries.


  1. Injured Muscle Tissue

After child-birth, having sex with your partner will remain pretty painful for the couple of days.  The injured muscle tissues in your vagina or bruises on your body might not let you relish quality time with your partner. Some women may take around six to eight weeks to recover while for some, it can take up to a year even.  Unbearable pain may be soon reported to the doctor without any fails.

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Injured Muscle Tissue after 9 months pregnancy

  1. Infection In Kidneys

A very common infection that occurs usually when the bacteria from your bladder runs through your body. The infection can be realized as a result of high temperature, mood swings, lower back pain, increased urination and constipation. Intake of ample water or fluids will help you recover faster. If required, consult with your practitioner.


  1. Stretch Marks

During pregnancy, your body undergoes heavy physical and hormonal changes leaving red striation type of marks on your body, breasts, tummy and thighs. These are known as stretch marks that gain remark ability subsequent to child birth. With the effect of time, these marks will disappear. There is no such cure or remedy to get these marks off your body immediately.

Applying creams, lotions or moisturisers may not make it better. Little patience and positive thinking will help you get rid of this situation soon.


  1. Hair Fall

The beautiful feeling of becoming a mother may take away the beauty of your hair.  During pregnancy, with hormonal changes at its peak, you will experience tremendous hair fall. The sudden change in hair fall will be realized few months post pregnancy which is temporary.


  1. Postpartum Anxiety

Since, pregnancy is altogether a new feeling, many women are not equal out for handling this feeling enjoyably. Hit by stubborn physical and hormonal changes and encircled with new responsibilities of baby, mothers are likely to develop low spirits that turn their moods to postpartum anxiety.

They feel slightly depressed, irritated and angry which will not last for long, although. It is a natural tendency of any human not to accept change with ease but with time get accustomed to that change. Support of family and husband will work a great deal in recovering from anxiety. Learn what 7 things Woman expect from her man during pregnancy here.


  1. Milk Leak

Do not let your head swing upon realising your leaking breasts even after delivery. While you are breast feeding your baby, your breasts are getting accustomed to building milk and feeding baby as per your baby’s requirements. The letdown reflex in breastfeeding procedure makes your breasts leak. After few weeks, once your breasts learn to release milk at the time as desired, the milk leak will come at halt.

Share your thought with us in the comments section below and do let us know if you are facing any other health issue after 9 months of Pregnancy period.

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