5 Recommended Addiction Treatment Centers


It is essential to go to a good rehabilitation center for the perfect treatment of addiction. The following are some most reputed addiction treatment center that you can consider while going for the treatment of addicted persons:

1. Solutions Recovery Center:

One of the most reputed drug rehabilitation centers is Solution Recovery Center. It has successfully treated many addicted persons from many years. The best thing of this center is that it has home-like facility. That is why people from all over the world comes to this center. The success rate of this center is high and it is seen that it is best for male alcoholic addicted person.

2. Apex Recovery:

This center is located in California and is one of the highly recommended detox centers. This center is of high quality, clean and modern. This center has 85% high success rate. It is seen that this center is the best for both male and female who becomes addicted at the age between 24 to 65 years. It provides an integrative psychological approach and it utilizes evidence-based treatment which is very effective method of treatment. The primary treatment that these centers provide is for alcoholism and substance abuse.

3. Passages Malibu:

This rehabilitation center is also one of the best centers in California and its success rate is over 90%. This rehab center does not look like a typical health environment center rather it looks like a spa. That is why the addicted patient feels better in this center rather than any other health clinic. This center offers treatment for alcohol, drug and other types of addiction. It is one of the most highly recommended centers and a person from all over the world comes to California for treating their patient in this center.

4. Sober College:  

It is another most important center in the world for addiction. This center is known for its dual diagnosis drug and alcohol treatment. It provides the best treatment for young adult male and female who are in between the ages 18 to 26. This center has 72% success rate and it provides dual-diagnosis treatment, substance abuse and mental health treatment.

This treatment center allows for more intimate and accountable environment for the addicted patients. This center is of 33,000 sq. ft. and it has an academic department, recording studio, yoga center, film studio, visual art departments and other recreational facilities for the patients.

5. Caron Foundation:

Another highly recommended detox centers in the world is Caron Foundation which is located in Pennsylvania. The success rate of this rehab center is over 70 percent. This center is best for those addicted patients who are at the age between 18 to 28 years.

It treats both the alcoholic and drug addicted patients. This center is known for its gender-specific and individualized approach. The best thing about this rehab center is that it provides a customized program to their patient that can put the addicted patient on the right track and has successfully treated patients.

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