8 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies for a Quality Morning

Breakfast and beverages go hand in hand and to add to the competitive value, the smoothies lead the entire stage undisputedly. Breakfast smoothies are an acceptable beverage because of the versatile nature. They can accommodate many veggies, fruits and can be served in a varying wide range of the flavors. A smoothie, as the name suggests, is the smoothen mixture of many ingredients splendid with the tastes of sweeteners and the sugar components based on the requirements of each individual. They may include syrups, thickeners and chilled fruits and have consistency of the milk-shake. However, do not mistake a smoothie with the milk shake. There is a wide difference between two.

healthy breakfast smoothies

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The type of the toppings a smoothie can accommodate creates the difference in two and also the smoothie is slightly thicker than the milk shake and this is what it is the basic difference. Speaking out the breakfast smoothies, there is a wide scope that utilize the alternates you posses in your kitchen and add up to the delicacy of the food you were about to consume otherwise. The type of the taste the smoothies offer will give you more a reason to be happy. Below are 8 different smoothies that shall open the doors of happiness for you!

breakfast smoothiesBanana Oat Smoothie

Banana and the oats are widely used as a breakfast component because of the nutrition and the taste they offer in collaboration with various other balanced diet components. Blend the finely cut bananas, making a thick paste type add the oats to it. Now, put them in the glass and pour milk over it. You can also add a scoop of ice cream or maybe the chocolate syrup to give sensational pleasure to your taste buds. The milk shall be chilled and ice cubes can be added over the same.

Mixed Berry Protein Smoothie

Berries and the smoothie form a delicious of the breakfast smoothies that can be consumed in the morning. The content of the protein is high in the berries and the same can be exploited to manage a perfect morning smoothie. Take raspberries and grind them in a mixer grinder and egg you can add the grinded egg too to raise the protein. Add the complete mixture to the milk and put up two strawberries on the top along with a slice of lemon for the sake of decoration.

Green Smoothie

In the age of the world turning green, even the food components are seeking green solutions. Green tea and even the green breakfast smoothie are next on the list. Prepared out of blending the green vegetables such as gourds, bitter gourd along with few fruits and half a cup of water for the sake of hydration, the green smoothie can either be consumed simply or with certain creamy or liquid cheese. However, the coriander leaves or the chilled crushed ice can be added anytime to increase the level of the nutrition. It is suggested for gym freaks and even ill people.

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Melon and Kiwi smoothie

Just when the vegetables were dominating the breakfast smoothies stage, melon and kiwi smoothie stands odd one out in the crowd. The vitamin-C and the water content of the mentioned fruits are known to all. Blend the finely cut fruits and add them to the milk. Add the oats to extend the crunch and give it splendour of the honey. A scoop of mint ice cream will finely act complementary to the smoothie. Leaves of spinach and coriander can also be used for the purpose of decoration along with a thin slice of lemon.

Beetroot smoothie

The thick iron holder, beetroot smoothie has it all! You can mash up with carrot, radish and fruits like tomato. The mash up can now be blended and you can either use the sweetened water with the taste of amla syrup or the mink with rooh afza can be utilised. Ponder the chilled ice over your smoothie and decorate it with the best possible ideas you can ever have. Serve with a straw and manage to serve in the suitable manner. This is not only rich in iron, but also serves huge vitamin C and required body minerals.

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Peanut Butter Berry Smoothie

breakfast smoothies

The deadly combo of peanut butter and the berries is going to rock your morning breakfast table. Simply take one fourth of a cup filled with fat free milk and put in the mixer. Now add half a medium banana gently at the same to not to let the milk spill out. Add one table spoon of the creamy and delicious, peanut butter to this mixer and grind after adding the raspberries and closing the same. Pour it in the glass and add milk to fill the glass up to the brim. Serve with crushed ice and let the magic of your hands do the wonders.

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Peaches and Cream

Peaches serves a high mineral out of the fruit content and can be easy to be prepared of the breakfast smoothies. Take fresh sliced peaches shall be put in a container along with low fat milk and half a medium ripe banana. Blend it and add honey as per the taste. Serve with the crushed ice and there you are, ready to taste one of the finest ever dishes you can have!

Strawberry Smoothie

The best ever, of the breakfast smoothies, one can ever have. Take 4-7 strawberries and mix them in the yoghurt with the shredded coconut. Blend until the mixture goes smooth after adding the sweetener. Add chocolate syrup and 2 table spoon of the oats. After obtaining this, ground a pinch of cinnamon or two and add the protein powder to the glass of your smoothie. The strawberry seeds make it further a must to have for the added crunch it provides every time you take a sip. Don’t forget to add the lemon syrup on the top to replenish the vitamin C content.

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