8 Home Remedies for Hair Fall -Proven Tips from Ancient India

Hairs, the most lavishing part of your body which outshines your personality and brand yourself without any advertisement. The rate at which new trends and technologies are adopted is inversely proportional to mankind’s hair. Black color is losing its reputation and the bald one’s are increasing day-by-day. But lucky you, who doesn’t want to join the race, we have a gift from ancient India i.e Proven Home Remedies for Hair fall.

home remedies for hair fall

And as a wise man quotes “Life is too short to have boring Hair”– Here are some of the ancient treatments coined to release you from the chronic trouble of hair loss.

  • The natural Aloe Vera

The familiar plant aloe Vera is there in almost each one’s house. Therefore, it is quite common to give this. Just pick a leaf and protrude a portion with a knife to get the translucent thick watery juice. Watch Video!! Apply the juice to your scalp and keep it for some minutes. It is best to use as it provides adequate strength to hair by equalizing the pH on the other hand controls the moisture. Additionally adds volume and shiny effect to the strands and protects the scalp from the dreary Dandruff’s. This ensures great growth of hair, minimize hair fall by providing extra protection to the scalp.

  • Combination of egg and honey

For crazy eggatarians it is indeed tough to choose the egg for hair. But frankly, it is one of the Midas touch solutions to prevent hair falling. As egg us enriched in phosphorus, iron, zinc, iodine, selenium and sulphur. It gives tones the manes and adds firmness to the roots. Thus imparts a healthy glow to the entire hair. In order to prepare the mask you need to mix honey, which is also quite responsible for imparting new hair growth. Add a few drops of olive oil, which provides protection to the hair follicles and prevent hair loss, apply the mixture and keep it for 15 minute.

  • Apply citrus lemon and rich almond oil

The combination works great when your problem is hair fall. As you know that the citrus lemon hubs with vitamin c, b and phosphorus, which acts superbly to provide adequate nourishment to the hair. The best thing is that it also makes the hair look shinier. The almonds just work as a magic wand rich in vitamin e and is picked for its anti oxidant properties. They are capable to repair the split-ted strands. Simultaneously, it preventalso hair loss by hindering the dandruff formation. Hence the combination helps to have long hair.

  • Onion for Scalp

The most essential ancient kitchen friend who prevents hair loss from ancient days is none other than the tasty onion. You cannot be skeptical about its hair regrowth formulates. As it works undeniably the best to promote new hair as it contains both hydrogen peroxide and catalase. These two are the vital elements, which actually leads to hair fall and thinning. But adding onion to your scalp actually fulfills the deficiencies and protects your hair. It is wise to apply this as it also prevents the graying of hair as well.

  • The wonder herb shikakai

As you go through the ancient herb list one of the herbs, which actually served as the best home remedies for hair fall is shikakai. It stores vitamin c and gives a smooth scalp. It additionally prevents any kind of dryness and scalp irritation and any kind of inflammation as well.

  • Use apple cedar

This us again one of the proven home remedies for hair fall. Apple contains some essential elements, which keeps a check on the PH balance of the hair. At the same time it provides nutrition to the hair. Easy application nothing much tough just makes a solution and applies it after shampooing your hair.

  • Pick potatoes

Your kitchen abounds in potatoes so just pick to have the quality home treatment for hair loss. It consists of vitamin b, a and c which plays an important role in preventing hair loss. At the same time it is one of the highly recommended organic treatment for the alopecia sufferers. Thus, ensures healthy and lengthy hair.

  • Rich coconut milk

Coconut is again one of the most talked about ancient home remedies for hair fall. It is known for its abundant storage of potassium iron and other necessary essential fats.  You should know that to apply you have to deduce the oil from the coconut and use that on your scalp. Definitely it prevents hair breakage.

Stretch your hands to catch these useful and proven homemade remedies for hair fall. You should know that these natural methods won’t leave you crying with loads of side effects completely safe and result oriented. Therefore, if you face abnormal hair loss just do not get stressed and nail these steps. You should be diligent enough to protect your hair and use hair essentials, which prevent hair loss. Just count the strands you are losing and pack yourself to fight the hair loss game with full preparation.

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