5 Detox Tips for Summer Energy

Mental fatigue, body aches and restless nights are common signs that your body could use a re-boot.  A few changes here and a couple tweaks there and you should be well on your way to feeling the best you’ve felt in a long time!

There are numerous things we can do to give our bodies an overhaul when it comes to health, Nutritionist, Bobby Adler of YesWellness suggests the following:

  1. Eliminate sugar – too much sugar creates havoc with your blood sugar and only adds to fat storage.
  2. Increase healthy fats – replacing sweeteners with healthy fats like grass-fed butter, ghee, Bulletproof Brain Octane,  XCT Oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil reduces cravings and gives you more energy.
  3. Switch to grass-fed meats and wild caught seafood
  4. Eliminate grains and processed foods
  5. Make the switch to “upgraded coffee” – I bet you’re wondering what upgraded coffee is?

Let’s start with a little back story shall we?  When I first heard a friend talking about it, I laughed it off as “just another one of his crazy ideas”—I mean, he was talking (raving actually) about putting peanut butter into his coffee!

A few years down the line and here we are with an energy-bursting brew that has not only surged the markets but taken over Syllicon Valley as the “New Power Drink”.

You may be wondering what the two ramblings have in common? Well, wait for it… The energy-bursting brew is made from:

Coffee. Oil. Butter.

Wellness professionals usually warn against sugary or creamy additions to your coffee, so when you hear that more and more of these professionals are adding “butter” to their coffee’s it can make you wonder what the benefits of this really are.

Some of the benefits are said to include; mental clarity, weight loss, ketone energy and re-balancing yeasts in the Gut.

Bulletproof® coffee is not only about butter and coffee, it contains Brain Octane Oil, which is odorless and tasteless.  Brain Octane Oil ingredients come from two sources, coconut and palm kernels. This oil is a more potent version of MCT (Medium-chain-triglyceride) oil which works directly within your cells to give you that extra boost and to maximize your brain and body’s performance.

What are the benefits of Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil?

  • Reliable and quick source of energy from fat, not sugar
  • Helps your body burn fat
  • Supports mental performance
  • Accessible quality fats on-the-go
  • Aids in the release of toxins

How to make Bulletproof Coffee – Official Recipe


  • 2 ½ heaping tablespoons ground Bulletproof Coffee
  • 1 teaspoon – 2 tablespoons Brain Octane Oil
  • 1-2 tablespoons grass-fed, unsalted butter or grass-fed ghee. (*I personally prefer adding high protein peanut or almond butter)


  1. Make your coffee. Brew 1 cup (8-12 ounces) of coffee using filtered water with 2 ½ heaping tablespoons of freshly ground Bulletproof Coffee Beans. Use a French Press to make it easier and to preserve valuable coffee oils that paper filters keep out.
  2. Add Bulletproof® Brain Octane Oil. Add 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons of Brain Octane Oil
  3. Add grass-fed butter or ghee. Add 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed, unsalted butter or grass-fed ghee.
  4. Blend. Mix it all in a blender for 20-30 seconds until it looks like a foamy latte

There are many variations on making this “upgraded coffee”, some enjoy adding a little honey or cinnamon for flavor. As long as you have the basics of the recipe down, you can play with the flavor to your liking. Try to keep it as natural as possible by avoiding added sugar or dairy and be sure to use unsalted butter or you may run the risk of a salty drink, which is never too much fun to guzzle down.

  • What you want to do, is aim to drink this in the morning for a super-charged boost to your day.  If you are sensitive to coffee, be sure to avoid drinking after 2pm because there is a likelihood that you may have too much energy to sleep.  Incorporated into a balanced and nutritious diet, Bulletproof® Brain Octane nutrition could be just the pick-me-up you are looking for.

Whether you’re looking for that added surge of energy, looking to feel less hungry throughout the day, trying to re-balance yeasts in the gut or looking for an added soluble fat that does not increase cholesterol but is metabolized as an energy source – Give Bulletproof® Coffee a try!

I would never have thought that a short (yet strange) conversation about a friend putting peanut butter into his coffee would have lead me to researching and in-turn making Brain Octane Oil a staple in my morning routine. I add it to my coffee or if it’s a bit warm outside, I enjoy it in a smoothie or an iced-coffee to beat the heat.

That’s it! You’re on your way to decreasing inflammation, killing nasty sugar cravings, restoring yeasts in the gut and skyrocketing your mental and physical performance.

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