How to Cure Migraine : 8 Proven Home Remedies for Migraines

Almost all of you are quite familiar with the known medical term migraine and who is suffering is always in hunt for how to cure migraine. Frankly speaking many of you are a real life migraine sufferer. But prolonged pain and its recurrence make you believe that it is a lifetime non-healing reward.

Migraine patients often do complain about recurring pain, which are followed by numbness, vomiting and they deliberately quest for migraine remedies. In addition to this people often feel nausea as well. Less resistance also accompanies the hammering pain to sound and light. Moreover, sometimes patients do suffer from vision problem, which occurs in the form of auras. Even patients do enlighten that they do feel some black spots coupled with blurred lines highlighted with flashes.

how to cure migraine


Now these are certain major problems, which irritates and hails your normal workflow. Frequent migraine attack detaches you from social attachment instead cells you in isolation. Thus its scary form really makes you feel apprehended most importantly the intolerable pain, which surely mars the positive effects from your life.

Here are some remedies for you, which are non-medical completely homemade. Just grip it to master your pain. Apply it to lead a migraine – free life and get a solution for your query how to cure migraine.

  • Soothe with essential oils

When excruciating pain almost kills your life just get ready to soothe your pain with magical oils like peppermint or lavender. These oils gave vaso-dilating features, which are quite crucial in triggering an unhindered blood flow, thus pushing extra oxygen to the blood vessels. As you know that migraine mostly occurs due to the bad circulation of blood. You can either take these oils topically or simply inhale by pouring in a vessel of steamed water. Indeed, it will minimize the pain, as it is the best home remedies for migraines and give you a calm effect.

  • Exercise on deep breathing

The monstrous migraine can be kicked off with superb home remedies for migraines, which is followed by a deep relaxation method. Otherwise, you can also opt to go for some body massage. This actually increases the blood flow and abundant the entry of oxygen. On the top of that, it helps you get a pain alarm beforehand. Additionally, you should opt to spend time in meditation to relax your mind and brain followed by yoga. There are certain yoga postures like the restorative and Hatha yoga, which helps you concentrate. At the same time helps you to get rid of the problem.

  • home remedies for migrainesGently massage the scalp

As the strikes you it seems like you would die in hours. But some self-approved methods can literally relieve you. For instance, you can go for massaging your scalp slowly and gently finger out the back portion of the head that is the lower portion of the skull. Pressuring the areas of the occipital nerves actually decreases the pain. Additionally, you can also work out on the major reflex areas of your hands and legs to check the pain.

  • Supervise your food intake

Time to control your spicy greedy tongue. Don’t overboard your plate with all those migraines-triggering foods as it might let you suffer for long. You should avoid foods like onion, dairy foods, processed meat, fermented cheese, hot dogs, pizzas, pastas, beverages like red wine, cold drinks, etc. As these contain tyramine and monosodium glutamate responsible for aggravating the headache. In addition to this neglect amino acid based fruits like avocado and citrus fruits and bananas.

  • Including flax seeds

As doctors often recommend that inclusion of omega 3 to your daily diet can reduce the problem. In this context, it is important to mention about the best flax seeds, which are quite beneficial as it is enriched with omega 3 hence helps to reduce the headache. You can consume this either in the form of essential oil or as whole grain. Indeed, this is the proven home remedy for migraines.

  • Ice compress

When the pain almost takes on you, undoubtedly you feel like grabbing any solution in this context you should know ice compress is the best method. As ice is known for reducing inflammation so having a chilled ice compress will minimize the effect.

  • Consume flavonoids

When you talk about flavonoids the food that will light up the hope is buckwheat. It contains flavonoids, which nails with anti oxidant features. At the same time, it gives immense protection to the cells without damaging it at any cost. Additionally, it puts an end to the hammering pain.

  • Sip of ginger tea

Just with the onset of the headache rush to the kitchen and prepare a strong ginger tea. As ginger is quite powerful to destroy the formation of aching chemicals. Additionally, it also prevents the functioning of the prostaglandins, which is the main culprit behind the construction of muscles and blood vessel inflammation. Thus ginger heals your pain and gives instant solution to the most searched question how to cure migraine.

The above-mentioned are some of the important home made remedies, which works the best for migraines. You can try any one of these to get best relief otherwise you can even contact the specialist. But it is better to stick to organic natural remedies, as they do not have any side effects. Now no more searching about how to cure migraine as the answer is with you only.

Migraine victims often do report to the doctors for emergency medical help. But the fact is, medical treatments provide for the time being remedies which are not so effective as the home remedies for migraines treatments gives the best answer to the how to cure migraine. Taking piles of medicinal doses will never obstinate the term from life’s medical dictionary. That is why to be on the safe side you should counter your lifestyle and implement the changes as necessary.


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