How to have a Perfect Shave? The Men’s Guide

Perfect shave is something that every man deserves and perfect look is something that every handsome man deserves. Getting a perfect look with the classic shave is the right of every man and you should definitely have it.

Here we are compiling a few sets of advisory notes. By following which your dream of getting the best deserved look will definitely come true. This is the ultimate piece of advice and suggestion you cannot afford to miss. Having a perfect shave will be just a child’s play with this piece of perfect recommendation.

Shaving is a simple but equally following step by step procedure will turn you into a gentleman

have a perfect shave

  1. Prepare for the perfection

Every activity needs to be well planned and prepared in advance if one wishes to make it a perfect approach. Similar is the case with shaving experience. Face wash is the first step towards getting an error free shaving with the least chances of infections. Thus deep rinse your face with an exfoliating cream or gel that suits your skin type, which prepares the skin for shaving.

  1. Softening the hard beard

The male facial hairs are mostly hard thus in order to get a cut-free and painless shaving, softening of these hairs is a must. Thus moisten your beard hair with luke warm water to soften the hair cuticles.

  1. Right way of shaving cream application

Don’t wonder when I talk about the right way of application of the shaving cream as its one of the most essential elements of your shaving experiences. Yes, you read it right one definitely needs to make sure to apply the shaving cream or gel in the right direction on the face i.e. in the upward circular motions.

  1. Shaving motions for different areas

With the beginning of the shaving exercise various areas need different motions for shaving to avoid the unnecessary cuts and pains. The motions may vary in each case right from the top, neck, chin and upper lip. For the top section long and even stroked shaving right from the top of the beard towards the edge of jaw-line must be followed. For the neckline and chin shaving from the bottom of the neck in the upward direction is recommended to prevent razor burns and ingrown hairs. Your upper lip needs a real close attention so stretching and tightening the skin over the front teeth and shaving downwards will be the best way.

  1. Moving on to the closer shave

After the major hair bands have been lost, it’s the time to move towards the closer shaving looks. Make sure to slighting stretch and tighten each part of your face skin while moving the razor to avoid any painful experiences.

  1. Rinsing the complete apparatus

Once your job is done, clean up is the next step that needs to be equally taken care off. Rinse and wash the complete set of apparatus with water and later with a disinfectant liquid to avoid any infections. Also make sure to keep rinsing your razor after regular intervals whenever you feel its clogged with foam and hair.

  1. Final Touch ups

The more finely you touch up lands the higher chances of getting the neat and clean look begins. Thus carefully wash off the extra cream foam and examine your shaving closely to find any patches left unattended. In case you find one, give it the final touch up shave and then wash off completely in a clean manner.

  1. Skin Moisturization process

Shaving makes the skin dry and dehydrated thus a perfect moisturization is a must for your face, immediately after the completion of the shave. Use a toner or an after shave as per your skin suitability and later apply the moisturizing cream in upward circular motions.

Common Shaving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Every shaver definitely makes few of the common mistakes while shaving. Here you may find a list of these and ways on how to fix them:-

mistakes while shaving

  1. Old Razor Usage

Replace your old razor within the regular time intervals. It’s definitely not to be used forever so why do you need to do so?

  1. Razor Sharing

Even if your sibling needs your razor, make sure not to share it. This not only causes chances of infections, but many other problem situations.

  1. Hurried shaving without letting the hairs soften

Give your beard hair at least 30 seconds of time duration to soften after warm water application; else you will definitely have to face the situations.

  1. No Exfoliation

Many people do not exfoliate their skin before shaving and this is one the major reasons of painful experiences of shaving.

  1. Non- rinsing of razor in mid of shaving strokes

The razor if kept non-rinsed will definitely get clogged and when pressurized for shaves leaves the painful cuts on your face, wasting your entire effort of getting a clean shave.

  1. Non-usage of moisturizers

Moisturizers are a must that needs to be applied after the shaving to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised to avoid any dry skin or infection issues.

Wet Shave Vs Electric Shave

Experiences have proved that no shaving activity can match the masculine wet shave as it delivers the closest and finest finish possible. Whereas the cost of blades is a major lacking point for wet shaving with the relative replacement it demands. The electric shave even though loses the luxurious, traditional and aesthetic value as wet shave, but its biggest advantage is its quickness and no preparation needs which make it more handy in the rushed mornings. The only thing to be kept in mind is while buying electric razor one must go for the best quality that helps in the long term. The main drawback of the electric razor has been its lacking luxurious feeling as in case of wet shaving clean.

Shaving Foam vs. Shaving Cream vs. Shaving Gel

Choosing among shaving foam, cream and gel is completely the choice of the user and his convenience factor. You are free to choose among any of the options, but make sure it suits your skin and eases your shaving process to the fullest. This is basically a cushion between your skin and the razor, thus a sensible and equally comfortable choice is a must that suits your shaving activity. Thus get your perfect lubrication in any of the forms, but keeping in mind your skin type and sensitivity.

Although, the best combination which experts and doctors recommend is to use Shaving Cream applied properly with a brush.

Additional Tip

alternative of shaving cream

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So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and get your cool look on with these certain instruction set.

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