Simple and Best Exercises to Lose Weight without Gym

daily exercises to lose weightNo matter how much do we deny or try to digress the topic of fitness by bringing in the spiritual aspect of a person’s character, we cannot negate the fact that our appearance does hold a vital position in the complete package of our personality. Even if we don’t seem to care for people, staying fit always boosts our confidence and helps us feel better from within. Hence, if after that big fat wedding or the lavish festive season, your gastronomical indulgence has resulted into the attainment of those few extra kilos which is quite clearly visible on your cheekbones and around your belly as that obnoxious flab, and you are thinking of gearing up for some fitness measures, then here our some of the best exercises to lose weight. These exercises along with a healthy regime can give you really great results, thereby helping you to retrieve that drooping confidence.


To begin with the best exercises to lose weight,  the one that is considered the best and recommended by all and sundry, including the top notch doctors, nutritionists and fitness experts, is WALKING.

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The simplest and the most effective way for losing weight is to go for a walk. Walking is considered as one of the best exercises as it affects the health positively in multiple ways all at once. One minute of a brisk walk can lead up to the loss of 5-8 calories which means an approx of 45 minutes walk can reduce up to 250 calories. Moreover, walking keeps the joints free and the intake of fresh air comes as a bonus for cardiological issues.

If sweating out under the sun is not what you are looking for then SWIMMING is the ultimate exercise for you. An hour of swimming can ooze out about 400-700 calories from your body depending on the speed and rapidity of the movement. Swimming helps in the overall trimming of the body.


An hour of cycling helps you to lose something between 372 -1,100 calories depending on the weight , speed and terrain on which you are cycling. Outdoor cycling along with keeping one amused is a great cardiovascular workout as well.

cycling running best exercises lose weight


If you are always in a hurry and can’t afford the leisure of 45 minutes walk from 1440 minutes of your everyday life then you must escort to this workout. One minute of running can actually result in the loss of 10 calories. Now the minutes can be increased depending on a number of calories and the duration within which one desires to lose weight.

Running is indeed one of the best exercises for along with losing weight one can also gain strong bones. Also, it is recommended to use quality running shoes for your fitness.


As kids, we have all used and enjoyed the jumping rope for long stretches of time. No doubt our movements were so swift then. Jumping rope can lead one to lose a whopping 800 calories in just one hour.  While jumping ropes you must perform certain warm up before engaging into some serious skipping. In the initial stages the number of jumps should always be kept low, in order to allow the body to adapt to such vigorous work out.

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Later on you can increase the duration and the speed, however, maintaining regular intervals and taking small breaks is strictly recommended to prevent any damage to the joints. For better results you must keep the knees in a bent position so that the workout is carried easily without causing any joint cramps.


‘WORK-OUT IS BORING’! If you are living with this thought  then it’s time for you to change your perception about exercise. Dancing not only brings an edge into groovy movements but also deducts those hideous layers on the edges of your body. Different kinds of dances can be performed which can corrode the nasty deposition of fats on your body.

Ranging from hip-hop, jazz, break dance and most importantly belly dancing dance can actually lead you to lose huge amount of calories depending on the intensity and time you put in.

Apart from the above mentioned exercises there several many others as well that are really beneficial for losing weight like dumb-bells, aerobics, situps, hard core and most importantly Yoga. Each of these exercises basically aim in stressing your body so as to ensure you can lose more calories. Apart from these listed names most of the known workouts can prove to be the best exercises to lose weight as long as they aim to put physical labor, thereby making those extra unwanted calories to get burnt.

Thus after knowing about the best exercises to lose weight, you simply don’t need to wait for anything. Go and shoo away that stranger staying in your body without any kind of extra rent. So what are you waiting for now, just get set and go!

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