Breastfeeding and Alcohol- How it Impacts? Learn completely

Women are perplexed about the relation between breastfeeding and alcohol.  They consume alcohol with processed food. They like to enjoy a wintry night by taking goblets of flavorful wine and other beverage products. Alcohol is an enemy to the people. Over consumption of this intoxicated liquid is detrimental to women who are pregnant. Side effects of intake of alcohol include drowsiness, abnormal sleeping disorder and weight restoration.  Children suffer from stress, weight gain and fat overflow. Vast research and clinical studies conducted by scientists have concluded that pregnant women who are alcoholic are not able to stay physically and mentally fit.  They have to avoid alcohol to give protection to their newly born babies.

Best Breastfeeding Diets


Avoid Alcohol during Breastfeeding

Babies must be given nutritional backup, caring, love and affection. They should be rejuvenated to grow normally. They should not be fragile, infirm and incompetent with weak memory. To be frank, women who are addicted to narcotic elements like country liquor containing a higher percentage of alcohol are under risks.  Even their babies don’t keep out of danger. For this reason, mother and their babies must take some effective pre-emptive measures for steering clear of alcohol, tobacco and steroid based stimulants.

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Breastfeeding and alcohol is positioned at extreme poles.  That means, the benefits of breastfeeding are reduced in the event of consuming alcohol to create health hazards to minimize the life expectancy of neonates. Therefore, instead of prioritizing the similarities between breastfeeding and alcohol, you need to control your emotions and put emphasis on the reduction of frequencies of taking alcohol. It will be useful to the babies as well as their moms to have a new lease of life. They will have sound health without facing dangerous diseases like carcinoma and cardiac disorders.

Common Myth about Breastfeeding and Alcohol

There is a common myth that wine is the source of youthfulness.  Especially, high profile women living in elite class breastfeeding-during-alcoholprefer alcohol to restore energy. They feel adventurous by deepening their tongues into the small goblets which are brimful of wine. They lick up the last dreg of wine stuck to the bottom of the container. They entertain their guests by offering bottles of wine and beverage.  At the overnight parties, married couples and even young ladies are found boozing in the stream of red wine to pass the night gleefully. On X-Mass eve, men and women go to church and sprinkle cool wine on holy bread soaked in honey.  They take this delicious food and share it with their friends.  However, this wine can be destructive if it is misused.  Women who conceive must not consume alcohol recklessly.  Alcohol weakens babies who are breast fed after the delivery.  A number of risks appear due to the daily consumption of alcohol. In informative systematic reviews and dissertation papers, scientists have revealed that mother should stop consuming alcohol during lactation.  They must not shorten the life span of a baby by bringing numerous health risks through the consumption of wine.  For instance, breast milk, which contains alcohol boosts up the fat growth and obesity.  Children become obese during childhood days.  The mother must not let their babies become weak and inefficient.  At later stages of life, a child will have to bear pain, discomfiture and trauma.

Some Positive Feedbacks about Alcohol Consumption

However, Dr. Jack Newman, a representative of the LLLI Health Advisory Council, has shown little softness while giving his views about alcohol intake during lactation.  He thinks that alcohol Is available in some food, health drinks and even in life saving supplements/medications.  Therefore, women who are pregnant can take very little amount of alcohol to shrug off lethargy and loneliness. Jack Newman is a specialist and his views are vital to assess the importance of consumption of alcohol at the time of lactation.   However, he wants to restrict the dose of alcohol to consume. Therefore, he advises mothers to talk to physicians prior to take alcohol to get back energy after breastfeeding.

Highlight Major Risk Factors

  • Newborn babies have weak immune system due to exposure to alcohol through lactation
  • Lower metabolic rates due to indirect impact of intake of alcohol.
  • Alcohol passing to the baby through lactation prevents the growth of muscles of neonates.

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Health Benefits of Breastfeeding

Alcohol consumption reduces the amount of milk in the breasts. When women drink strong wine or liquor, they experience a decrease in the amount of breast milk.  They have to do some homeworks to control themselves. They must not maximize the amount of healthy liquor/wine.

Is It Necessary to Pump out Alcohol?

Many women visit clinics for pumping out alcohol before breastfeeding their sweethearts. They opine that liquor, which mixes with breast milk is contaminated with germs/bacteria. Therefore, they try to pump out excess alcohol from the body mechanically In reality, alcohol is not stuck to the breast milk.  It goes back into the bloodstream with the steady nosedive in the level of alcohol in the blood.  It is not trapped or stored in the breasts.   For this reason, intake of excess water, doing pumping or dumping to flush out alcohol from the body is not useful to women. They will have to be habituated to leave alcohol as soon as they can for the sake of safety of their little babies. Some people think of taking hot coffee regularly to reduce the negative effect of alcohol However, doctors’ opinions are different.  They don’t support this type of belief or myth.


Mother Should Be Modest to Check Frequencies of Consuming Alcohol

Modesty purifies the life. It makes someone elegant, and polite.  A woman needs to have patience with good mindsets.  Their responsibilities become higher when they are supposed to bear babies.  They have to rear up their babies with care it stands to reason, they must be matured with wisdom to think wisely before taking any decision in this regard. Though should track the dissimilarities between breastfeeding and alcohol. If necessary, they require special guidance and training from professional healthcare consultants.

Breastfeeding is an essential phase of nursing.  The mother should learn how to nurse their neonates with perfection.  They must lactate their babies.  Breast milk provides organic nutrients, vitamins and proteins to babies to become healthy. They digest breast milk easily.  Therefore, doctors prescribe breast milk to help babies to get back strength, vitality and stamina.  The mother must keep it in mind that over indulgence in alcohol and narcotic drugs is not hygienic.  She must have courage to avoid this type of intoxicated element to   dampen the life of a neonate.  Couple of droplets of wine destroy someone’s existence on the planet. Therefore, mother must have some innovative ideas to ensure the smooth health management for their babies while choosing breastfeeding.

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