How to cope with depression during pregnancy

Not every one relishes the pregnancy time. For some, it may be a period of joy, for others, it is certainly a matter of depression during pregnancy.  The increased hormonal changes in the body lead you to getting depression.  Not just body changes are to be blamed, change in diet, feeling lethargic, consistent vomiting can be regarded as few of the symptoms that may cause depression in the course of pregnancy.


What are the biological causes of getting depressed during pregnancy?

Although having been pregnant is a heavenly feeling that every one would want to experience but it can make you a victim of depression if the following factors exist:

  • Constant fights with your husband and family can easily bring you under the purview of depression during pregnancy. Fights degrade mood and health faster during pregnancy in reference to the normal days.
  • Not being happy with your decision of getting pregnant will gradually develop guilt in you. Staying with the guilt will burden your heart and increase the chances of undergoing depression.
  • Having diminished energy and inability to focus on anything will inculcate a sense of worthlessness in you. You will develop a hatred feeling for some reason or the other.
  • Staying in isolation and having access to limited people can worsen your pregnancy. If you wont gel up with people; talk, laugh or interact, in no way you will be able to let off your depression.
  • Young age during pregnancy. With the growing age, you tend to understand the responsibilities concerning your babies. Therefore, you wont feel irritated like you could have felt at a younger age.
  • The trend of depression coming from pre-historic times. If you have seen a state of depression in your family earlier and reacted to such situations very easily. Then you have the tendency to acknowledge stressful situations.

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Tips To Combat Depression Effectively

Kick your worries apart; there are numerous ways that can convert your anxiety into fun loving memories.

  1. Safe & Sound Sleep

Since, your hormonal changes are at a fast pace during pregnancy, you will tend to get sleepier as compared to your normal days. Grasp as much sleep as you can in your early pregnancy. With the progressing time, the chances of you getting enough sleep will be reduced to much extent. At least 8 hours of sound sleep is required for you to feel refreshed and energetic.

  1. Pregnancy Exercises


Avoiding exercises is an open invitation to depression. Keeping yourself physically fit closes all doors for depression. According to a recent survey, it has been observed that at least thirty minutes of pregnancy exercises per day dwindles the risk of getting depression, lethargy and anxiousness. Performing aggressive exercises is not a wise choice as it can cause miscarriage.

  1. Unburden Your Emotions

Get along with women who are facing same kind of troubles. Share your views, know their thoughts, discuss on the issues troubling you. This will help a great deal in unburdening your burdensome mind. There are ample of support groups created with a view to let women observe and learn from others dealing with same problems.

  1. Pursue your Hobby


A hobby is anything where your interest lies. Pursuing a thing of your interest will undoubtedly enhance your mood. Try not to pursue any dangerous hobby that can be harmful for your little one and you. Some of the interesting things you can do are reading your favorite book, watching movies, listening to music or soft dancing.

  1. Meet People

There may be times, when you would want to stay all alone without anyone’s botheration. Being in constant touch with your with your friends, relatives and most importantly your better half will prevent you from falling into depression during pregnancy.

  1. Eat Healthy Food


Healthy food keeps your mind and body growing. A healthy diet equipped with vitamins, minerals and other nutrition enhances your mood multifold. Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the essential examples of dealing with depression. Two servings of omega-3 enriched fishes like salmon, sardines, tuna etc. can help you downsize the chances of depression during pregnancy.  Tryptophan is an amino acid, required for normal growth of your fetus and balancing nitrogen in adults. Heavily found in nuts and seeds, tryptophan is essential for balancing your body and keeping your mind at a stabilized level.

  1. Laughter is the best medicine

Cherish this beautiful feeling pregnancy and do not consider it a burden. Find ways to laugh chill and enjoy. Play with your partner; go out on lunches with your friends, watch hilarious movies and feel special about having an opportunity of bearing your own baby in your womb.

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Cherish each moment through out your pregnancy and wait eagerly for your little one to arrive in your hands soon. Let your pregnancy be enjoyable and not gloomy.

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