Early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Are you scratching your head and trying to remember when did your periods occur last? There might be a possibility that you have skipped off your period date. Most of the women witness early signs of pregnancy during the first few weeks after they have conceived. Missing your period is the first sign of your pregnancy. Lets us have a quick look on the other signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

pregnancy signs symptoms


Early Signs of Pregnancy

1. Lethargic Attitude

Beautiful pregnancy brings with it stubborn lethargy. Prior to getting pregnant, you may have worked like pig and never felt lethargic. However, during your pregnancy, the level of progesterone accelerates in your body that brings tiredness into you. There is nothing to worry about it. The best way to tackle this lethargic attitude of yours, is to grasp a sleeping chance whenever you can. The tiredness will remain throughout your pregnancy. The first trimester will gawk lethargy at higher level and reduce eventually with the following trimesters.

2. Severe Mood Swings

Being a parent is not an easy task. This beautiful feeling becomes worse with the idea of handling a baby. This fear coupled with sluggishness and appetence altogether compels your mood to fluctuate. The pregnancy influences a hormonal change in your body that brings an emotional feeling within you. It is advisable for you to keep on munching in regular intervals throughout the day. With the following weeks, you will get accustomed to such feeling and be able to handle tactfully.

3. Feeling of Breathlessness

The early pregnancy symptoms also include short breath. As your little one requires oxygen to breathe, he, leaving very little for you, will grasp half of your energy. Hence, you are likely to encounter shortness of breath, even if you are not undergoing heavy physical work.

4. Tenderness Of Your Breasts

Your soft, cushiony and pink breasts will suddenly witness tenderness. Yes, you are right, this is again included in early signs of pregnancy. Your seductive pink areolas will turn into dark ones. The reason behind the tenderness a dark skin is the speedy blood supply to your private area, which will also make your breasts feel heavier.

pregnancy signs symptoms

5. Morning Sickness

Within two weeks of your pregnancy, you will start getting a semblance of morning sickness including nausea and vomiting. Morning sickness may not necessarily occur only on the mornings but any time throughout the day. Additionally, some to be mothers will notice that they are not able to tolerate the aroma of certain foods that were pretty much included in their list of favorites. Morning sickness will be higher in the first trimester and eventually experience a fall down.

6. Incessant Urination

Since the blood flow to kidneys accelerates during pregnancy, you will have to experience an often rush out to the washroom. Your bladder has to undergo immense pressure due to enlargement of your uterus and hence produce more urine. It might become quite irritating to follow your washroom over and over again. However, make sure that your irritation doesn’t refrain you from drinking fluids. At the time of pregnancy, drinking great deal of fluids is the wisest choice.

7. Constipation

Pregnancy hits directly on your digestive system and slows down its function. Are you witnessing a tight packed stomach? Is it bloated? Without any doubt, you are encountering the predicament of constipation. The constipation is the result of an Increased level of progesterone into your body.

8. Sprinkles Of Blood

Don’t confuse the bloodsheds with that of you full fledged periods. The sprinkles of blood are the early pregnancy symptoms that might occur few days prior or after your period date. The fertilized egg is trying to get stuck to your uterine walls causing slight blood drops.

9. Faintish Feeling

It is a truly said that during your pregnancy, you must consume healthy food items and within the short intervals. Half of what you eat is automatically transmitted to your little one within for his nourishment. You are left with half of what you have eaten which at times provides you a faintish feeling. Pregnancy also brings with it low blood pressure and sugar levels that can make things even worse. It is recommended to keep your self-healthy by consuming healthy products for your baby and you. Make sure your body is hydrated, as your changing body requires more fluids.

10. Craving For A Particular Food

Getting eyeteeth for a particular food item is one of the most common early signs of pregnancy. Suddenly, your craving tendency augments and until you get your hands on that food, you wont be relieved. Your craving is likely to occur irrespective of the food being healthy or junk.

These are few of the early signs and symptoms of early pregnancy, which will bother you throughout your pregnancy. If they become more intolerable, it is advisable to consult your practitioner.

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