Some Easy Steps for Mothers on How to Breastfeed

Many common problems to breastfeed can be solved by learning handful tips to have relaxation   while breastfeeding newborn babies. The mother needs to pay heed to the requirements of her babies who must have comfort to suck boobs without hassle. To be frank, if mother is careless and indifferent to problems faced by her kids, it will be hazardous. Therefore, mother must be trained how to breastfeed smoothly

Mother Needs to Know How to Breastfeed

At first attempt, mother is anxious how to breastfeed her neonate who is not matured to suck boobs. Breast milk is nutritious and it is light weight milk, which has special ingredients to enhance the overall growth of body and mind of a child. When babies are breastfed, they are happy. They enjoy lactation. It is a natural process to spoon feed a baby, who has the least ability to take solid food and drink processed milk.

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Unsteady mother feels nervy to lactate the baby on the first day.  In this case, she must know how to breastfeed. Experienced nurses and seniors give their personal advices to mother to complete the breastfeeding successfully.  So, it is essential for a mother to know steps of lactation to let the baby grow healthy. Some specific guidance reduces trouble of mother to offer her breast milk to babies.

health benefits of breastfeeding

It is an unknown delight and adventure for mother to breastfeed newly born baby who is a new member of the family.  However, she must be equipped with all breastfeeding accessories and uniforms to steer clear of hassle. Breastfeeding must be trouble free and enjoyable.  Mom and her neonates must not have stress or nervousness.  Therefore, mother should be prepared to complete the different steps of lactation.

Breastfeeding Accessories

  • Pain relief lotion like Lonolin for removing skin inflammation
  • Good quality nursing bras for having support
  • Retractable nursing slings for babies to  have comfort while being breast fed
  • Breastfeeding pads or inserts which protect boobs of women
  • Nursing pillows and pads are must for breastfeeding

How to Hold Your Baby during Breastfeeding

Usually, a mother is found hugging her baby for breastfeeding.  The baby must be held horizontally (just like a cradle position). Transverse position is another way of breastfeeding the baby.  Normally, a soft and ergonomic pillow is placed on the lap to give support to the rear side of the baby.  To take cradle position to lactate the newly born baby, change your posture while taking a seat.  To have comfort, rest a nursing pillow on your lap. Your backbone must be straight with arms being flexible to hold the baby.  Nurse your baby properly. Check the movement of your baby.  Hold the sweetheart perfectly with her tummy being attached to your belly. Your elbow joints must be properly bent to provide the room for keeping the body of the baby. Your two hands must not be stiff or rigid. Use both arms to ensure the perfect positioning of your baby with safety.

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How to Latch Baby for Breastfeeding

Enticement or temptation is a powerful thing to lure babies to have fun during lactation.  Therefore, play little tricks to entice an indifferent baby to show eagerness for breast sucking.  Press your small nipples against the lips of the sweetheart lightly.  The mild titillation works fantastically to boost up a baby to suck milk. Often, babies like to sleep or feel drowsy. He is not interested to take nipples into his mouth for licking.  In that case, do temptation by caressing him gently.  Drive your soft fingers through loose hair strands of the baby to create an amazing feeling to energize the neonate to have a comfortable latch.  Sometimes, a baby uses his small fingers with nail heads to twist nipples mildly. Your nipples can be cracked.   So, apply gel or medication to erase signs of small scratches or wounds around the nipples.

Frequency and Duration of Breastfeeding

Within 24 hours, there must be at least 8 breast feedings to make baby happy.  However, when a baby becomes untamed or frivolous, try to control his anger/frivolity by breast feeding the baby.  It will give soothing comfort and pleasure to your sweetheart.

Steps of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is simple, but mother should have basic knowledge how to do lactation in a carefree manner.  A woman needs to do practice regularly to have efficiency in lactating babies.   There are some important factor like baby positioning, frequency of breastfeeding and mutual communication to make the lactation process hassle free.  The environment must be favorable   to baby and her mother to have wonderful experience.

Proper Baby Positioning Needed

Baby positioning is the most important job for a mother who must place her baby at a right angle for breastfeeding. A baby who is placed on the lap of the mother must directly face breasts for natural milk sucking. The belly of the baby should be close to the body of mother.   In this connection, choose a comfortable pillow to place it under the head   of the baby.   Often mother uses a sling to hang the left or right hand of the baby for comfortable breastfeeding.

There are several pictures on breastfeeding on the internet.  Download these snapshots to learn the lessons of easy lactation methods.  Check the postures of babies and mother in the snapshots.    A mother should push the head of the baby forward slightly and let the baby place upper jaw on the boobs.   It is a comfortable posture for a baby to insert the nipple into the mouth to draw natural milk.

breastfeeding positions


It is a common posture to imitate for lactation. If a woman suffers from C-section, side lying position is very comfortable to breast feed the newborn kid.  Keep your body on the bed with your head on the ultra-light pillow.  Either Lie on left or right side for breastfeeding.   Drag your infant to your breasts with your arms to protect the abs region of the baby.  With one of your arms, hold the baby to lactate him without putting pressure on the mouth of the baby.

Football Position

Football positioning is the best for a woman with C-section. She needs to tuck her baby to the breast for offering breast milk. Babies need to be placed on the pillow. Mother goes close to the pillow and place nipple into mouth of the infant for milk drawing.

Many online tutorial centers and healthcare consultants train novice mother how to breastfeed their babies without any injury.  Their online advice is free and available for anyone to have more facts about the best way of breastfeeding.

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